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Design Jobs from Quote to Payment, and everything in between

Looking for a scalable solution to drive your curtain and blind business? InterioApp streamlines your workflow from quotation to delivery, enabling you to focus on what really matters.

Design jobs from quote to payment, and everything in between.

All-In-ONE solution

Our app simplifies the complex quotation process for curtains and blinds, allowing sellers to quickly and easily connect with manufacturers and produce accurate quotes on the spot. With our powerful job management tools, project planners and interactive calendar, our app enables businesses to streamline their workflow, automate tedious calculations, and focus on what they do best: creativity and sales.

What's new in InterioApp software?

Transform your interior design business with interioApp - the all-in-one solution for custom quotations, job management, scheduling, and more
Streamline Your Business Operations
Accurate Estimates and Quotes in Minutes

With InterioApp, you can easily produce custom estimates and quotes for your clients in just minutes. Our powerful AI-assisted software ensures that your estimates are accurate and comprehensive, taking into account all relevant factors such as fabric type, measurements, and labor costs. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calculations and get more time to focus on growing your business. Try InterioApp today and see the difference it can make for your bottom line.

Accurately Calculate Fabric for Custom Window Treatments
Simplify Your Curtain and Custom Treatment Calculations

InterioApp's powerful calculation tool allows you to accurately estimate the amount of fabric needed for any custom window treatment, from curtains to Roman blinds and everything in between. With thousands of fabric options at your fingertips, you can easily browse and select the perfect fabric for your project. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to enter your measurements and instantly receive a precise calculation of the fabric needed for your custom treatment.

Image of InterioApp Board Management Interface showing tasks and progress
Streamline Your Workflow with
InterioApp Board Management

InterioApp's Board Management feature allows you to organize your projects and tasks in a visually appealing and efficient way. With customizable labels, due dates, and checklists, you can keep track of your progress and collaborate with team members in real-time.

Introducing the Curtains Calculator Shopify Plugin

The ultimate solution for e-commerce websites! Now, with our newest feature, you can calculate custom-made curtains and roman blinds with just a few clicks. No more hassle trying to sell fabrics or figuring out complex calculations. Our plugin takes care of everything!

Curtains Calculator Plugin
Curtains Calculator Plugin

Curtains Calculator Plugin

  • 7 days free trial
  • Custom solutions available
  • imperial/meter options
  • Different Languages
  • Paper less solution for your business

The plugin application is for your online e-commerce store. If you haven't got it, we recommend to find a website developer or contact us for support.

Our team will help you in answering the main questions:

  1. How to create an online store
  2. How to choose a free/paid template
  3. How to upload your product library
  4. Install the Curtains Calculator Plugin application to start sellling bespoke curtains and roman blinds online.
  5. Connect your online to your domain name
  6. Connect to Stripe or other options to accept payments.


  • The Curtains Calculator Plugin App is for your online store purchases. The plugin is not for inside quotation
  • This is not a business management tool we are offering on the website as our main Software

Please get in touch if you have more questions. Book a free demo

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We are offering to try this Shopify app for free:

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What is InterioApp?

Our Journey (Vision)

Born from the heart of the curtain and blind industry, InterioApp has its roots in a family business that needed a simpler way to operate. After many years in the industry, we discovered that our challenges were not unique but shared by many. From this realization and with the support of our suppliers, we extended our self-developed curtain calculator to other businesses across Europe, transforming a personal solution into a global tool.

Our Quest (Mission)

Our mission at InterioApp is to aid small retailers in achieving business success and profitability. We've walked a mile in their shoes, understanding the hurdles they face firsthand. Now, we're equipped with the knowledge and tools to help them overcome these obstacles. Our quest is to share these insights and solutions with the wider world, bolstering businesses one curtain calculator at a time.

Our Ethos (Values)

At InterioApp, we create value by offering the right tools and unparalleled support in an IT landscape where such service can be scarce. Our firsthand experience with the European, Canadian, UK, and New Zealand markets means our algorithms cater to the specific needs of these locales. We believe in fostering growth, innovation, and efficiency, which is why we've also launched an online store for businesses to easily sell curtains and blinds. Our ethos is shaped by the belief that providing the right tools and knowledge can transform the way businesses operate, allowing them to thrive in a competitive market.

InterioApp (Curtains Calculator) is a comprehensive online tool designed to simplify the process of calculating accurate quotes and providing detailed product information to customers. Our app is tailored specifically for curtain retailers, distributors, and designers, offering a range of features to make your online business a success.

Don't take our word for it

We are very happy with the Curtains Calculator app.
My team mates are better with it! I love it!

Irena Kotalova

Czech Republic, Prague

With Darius and Curtains Calculator we are working for more than two years now in Neptune. We are really happy with the software!

Lee Biddell

England, Swindon

I think Curtains Calculator has a big future! It is a very good software for curtain retailers to boost their sales



80% of our sales are rollers and other blinds. But I am very happy to see more quotes generated for curtains as well. Even with rollers the software simplify the workflow & ease the process. We are very happy


Greece, Athens

We were searching for curtains & blinds software for some time and I am very happy that we found Darius and his CC team!

Dave Radford

England, London

We are using CC software for some time now, and I can say that it helps not only in calculations but in business management!



Curtains Calculator app save time and money in quoting and bidding!



It's so simple and easy to work with! Anyone who has a tablet or a computer can produce curtain quotations! I love the application and how simple it is to work with!



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