Curtains Calculator assists sales staff at curtain and blind shops

Curtains Calculator assists sales staff at curtain and blind shops in the decision-making process while quoting, planning and bidding everything from small sales to big projects. Features include the ability to quickly create and send offers for customers, workshop information for manufacturers, do fabric and hardware stock control and keep track of customer information with a complete database

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Darius Baltunis Curtains Calculator application CEO and Founder
Manual curtain calculations quotes and workshop information for manufactorers

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Manual labor vs. Curtains Calculator

Heimtextil EXPO in Frankfurt

We participated in the Heimtextil exhibition of 2020, and we came back full of ideas and inspiration to further develop Curtains Calculator to its second version!
We had a chance to present our application to various designers, curtain shop owners and fabric designers from all around the globe, and gather their feedback, which led to creation of Curtains Calculator version 2!

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Curtains Calculator application for window covering industry

What is Curtains Calculator app?

If you are from the window covering industry, you know what a precise and responsible job it is to pick the right fabrics, cut them and of course sew beautiful curtains. This three-step process involves a great deal of knowledge, experience and skills. In this post, we’ll define Curtains Calculator app and show a few examples of how it’s used in business today

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Curtains Calculator is the equivalent of manual calculation in the textile industry

Until now, even in the twenty-first century, a simple calculator has been an indispensable tool in the textile industry. D.Baltunis has created a solution for curtains and window covering industry - Curtains Calculator. This innovative calculator is an effective tool for curtain store owners and fabric vendors.

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Darius Baltunis Curtains Calculator app founder for curtain fabric sewing

From Hours to Minutes: Curtain Calculators for Curtain Sewing Cost

Innovation in terms of technology has always been a slow pace for the textile industry. For the last 20 years, the industry is using predefined programs that are made for executive work only. Curtain Calculator is a name of innovation for one of the oldest and least innovative industries in the world; for the textile industry.

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