Your very own curtains & blinds sales assistant

For all your calculations and sales needs

Automate, review and produce curtains and blinds quotes in minutes

The Curtains Calculator web app reduced the time and effort it takes you to quote for a pair of curtains by 87%, imagine the hours you’ll save on your large and complex projects

Choose between or use both:

Plugin for your e-commerce website

Website plugin calculator was created for your e-commerce business to increase sales and help your customers dress their windows with just a few click of a button

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Sales assistant for your employees and designers

Curtains Calculator assists sales staff at curtain and blind shops in the decision-making process of quoting, planning and bidding from small sales to large and complex projects

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Upload your fabric and hardware library in seconds

Fabric & hardware library

Curtains Calculator application for companies that works with curtain and blinds. With Curtains Calculator app you will prepare an offer for your clients in a minutes. By curtain and blinds calculations automatization you will eliminate human-errors
Produce simple and detailed quotes in secound

Simple & detailed quotes

Workshop and worksheet information

Workshop and worksheet information for your manufacturers and sales managers

Curtains Calculator workshop information. Use Curtains Calculator application to prepare your workshop information for your sewing house
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Questions you might have:

Yes! No more scouring through your spreadsheets for the fabric you can’t find. Upload your fabrics to the Curtains Calculator web application library in a seconds within CSV file or manually through the application

Yes, you can replicate a treatment, room or whole order with a click of a button.

With just a click of a button you can create simple and detailed quotes, workshop and worksheet information. You will save up to 87% of your time using the Curtains Calculator web application

The Curtains Calculator application is fully customizable. Add different treatments to the calculator, create your own worksheet and workshop information, manage your clients with just a click of a button

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