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Designed for Small Businesses in the Window Coverings and Interior Design Sector

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Must have tools for Curtain and Blind market

InterioApp gives all the must have tools for Curtain and Blind market. Tools like CRM, Quoting and Order Management platform for your in-house team. Our Shopify "Curtain and Blind Calculator" Plugin, allows you to offer and sell curtains and blinds online. We will support you in every step of setup and integration.

InterioApp - All-In-ONE solution

Tools like CRM, Quoting and Order Management platform for your in-house team. Our Shopify "Curtain and Blind Calculator" Plugin, allows you to offer and sell curtains and blinds online. We will support you in every step of setup and integration

What's new in InterioApp software?

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Easy Quotes

Start jobs and access client details seamlessly.

Jobs and Orders Management

Centralize job and client data for efficient tracking

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Fabric Library

Organise fabrics by brand and link to supplier libraries for easy access

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Transform your Online Store with Our Curtain and Blind Calculator Plugin

Introducing our cutting-edge Shopify Plugin, a must-have for entrepreneurs eager to start an online business in the window treatment sector. This plugin is your gateway to the expanding world of online blinds and curtains, providing a seamless connection to our comprehensive Curtain and Blind Calculator.

Our Journey, Mission, and Values

Born from a family business in the curtain and blind industry, InterioApp is designed to simplify operations. Our mission is to support small retailers towards success, leveraging our experience in various markets to provide tailored solutions.

Our Customers Success Stories

We are very happy with the Curtains Calculator app.
My team mates are better with it! I love it!

This is a Testimonial from Curtain Store Owner Atelier Lidicka
Irena Kotalova

Prague, Czech Republic

This is a unique opportunity for young and creative people to start their own business and earn a better living!

This is the owner of a company Angely-Paris that distributes ROMO fabrics in France
Pierre Richard CALICE

France, Paris

80% of our sales are rollers and other blinds. But I am very happy to see more quotes generated for curtains as well. Even with rollers the software simplify the workflow & ease the process. We are very happy

This is an image of Chris Foundoulis, the owner of the curtain fabric store Foundoulis

Greece, Athens

With Darius and Curtains Calculator we are working for more than two years now in Neptune. We are really happy with the software!

Lee Biddell

England, Swindon

I think Curtains Calculator has a big future! It is a very good software for curtain retailers to boost their sales



We were searching for curtains & blinds software for some time and I am very happy that we found Darius and his CC team!

Dave Radford

England, London

We are using CC software for some time now, and I can say that it helps not only in calculations but in business management!



Curtains Calculator app save time and money in quoting and bidding!



It's so simple and easy to work with! Anyone who has a tablet or a computer can produce curtain quotations! I love the application and how simple it is to work with!



Frequently asked questions

InterioApp is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of curtain, blind, and decorating businesses. It streamlines operations with features like customizable product catalogs, order management, and customer relationship management, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance efficiency and productivity.

InterioApp offers numerous benefits, including intuitive design tools for creating and visualizing decorating plans, comprehensive project management features to track progress and deadlines, and integrated billing and invoicing to streamline your financial processes. This all-in-one solution simplifies business management, allowing you to focus on creativity and customer service.

InterioApp provides robust support through a variety of channels, including live video calls, email support, and an extensive knowledge base with tutorials and FAQs. Our dedicated support team is committed to resolving any issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. Our goal is to help you feel like our office is just around the corner.

Yes, InterioApp is equipped with advanced calculation tools designed specifically for the window treatment and upholstery industry. These tools can accurately calculate fabric requirements, pricing, and dimensions, taking into account factors like pattern repeats and material widths, to ensure precision in every project.

InterioApp is versatile and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises like Neptune. Our flexible pricing plans and customisable features ensure that businesses can tailor the software to meet their specific needs, regardless of their size. We have launched a special program for new decorators who are interested in starting their own business. With a help of French fabric distributor we are providing everything from access to the Workroom services and digital fabric to the online store and training sessions. Contact us for more information

Absolutely! InterioApp is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to manage your business on the go. Whether you're on-site with a client or away from the office, you can access all of InterioApp's features from your smartphone, ensuring you're always connected and in control.

InterioApp enhances project efficiency by offering tools like task assignments, deadline tracking, and real-time collaboration. This enables your team to stay organized and on schedule, reducing the likelihood of delays and ensuring a smooth workflow from concept to completion.

Yes, InterioApp is designed with integration in mind. It can seamlessly connect with a range of popular business tools and platforms, such as accounting software, CRM systems, and email marketing services, ensuring a cohesive and efficient business ecosystem.

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