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Drop-Shipping for curtains and blinds. It's possible now with the software for curtains and blinds - InterioApp

InterioApp – a dynamic software solution for curtain and blind retailers – is a digital library, job generator and business management tool for the curtain and interior industry. The software manages everything: from in-house quotes to payments to online marketing and sales.

InterioApp: Software for Curtain and Blind Retailers

A Brief History of InterioApp - Software For Curtain and Blind Retailers

InterioApp is more than just software for curtain and blind retailers, now it's a solution to easily start selling bespoke window treatments and home decor items online. In 2018 InterioApp was envisioned as a tool to bridge the gap between traditional retail practices and the digital world, InterioApp has grown from a simple idea of Curtains Calculator into a robust platform that handles complex business processes and sales online. It's not just about managing quotes and payments; it's about redefining the customer experience, onboarding new decorators into the market and helping homeowners to simplify bespoke curtain and blind selection and purchase experience.

Curtains and Blinds Online. Embracing E-commerce in Window Treatments

In a world where e-commerce is booming and bringing more solutions to the end consumers, InterioApp stands out as a digital leader for curtain and blind retailers and decorators. In 2019 when we did market research and asked retailers if they would like to sell bespoke curtains online, we received a prompt answer, that curtains are something that clients want to touch and feel before purchasing. After the Covid, everything has changed. Now online stores are taking an average of 12% of local curtain and blind stores and are rapidly growing. That is one of the reasons why small business owners and mobile curtain decorators are moving online by offering bespoke window treatments in their online stores.

In 2023 we have launched a Curtains Calculator Shopify Plugin. This was the first step to the online market, which helped our clients start selling curtains and Roman blinds online. Click to see the plugin in action - give it a try. But at the same time, we saw that the market requirements are growing and businesses are searching for something different than just a plugin. Now we are happy that we can bring to our clients something special they can use to not only sell curtains and blinds but also be different and unique in the market. InterioApp became a marketing tool that helped our first clients not only launch online businesses but also get their first clients. Contact us and Get a Quote for the online store.

InterioApp and the French Connection: A New Market Frontier

Partnership with Angely-Paris and Mr Richard Calice

The expansion into the French market is not just a business move for InterioApp; it's a cultural leap. In collaboration with Angely-Paris and industry luminary Richard Calice, InterioApp is now a bridge between the elegance of French design and the global market. This partnership provides our current and future customers access to an exclusive digital fabric library, workroom services and knowledge to work with the most valuable fabric producers and soft furnishings in the world. This big step is making the rich and diverse French design ethos accessible to a broader audience - young decorators and anyone who's passionate about interiors, to start their own business and enter the market with minimal investments.

For our French readers, we have a wonderful interview where Richard Calice shares his thoughts and ideas about Angely-Paris and InterioApp collaboration. And how we are bringing the knowledge into the market to thousands of new interior decorators and students to start working with window treatments by offering Fabric samples + Software + a Digital library + Know how to work with Window coverings. Please click the link to see the interview in the French language, and the English version will be uploaded soon. 👉 Link to the InterioApp Academy YouTube channel.

To make the journey into the market easier, we have created a training session on how to adopt our digital tools and start using everything most efficiently.

If you want to start working with Angely-Paris distributor please fill out the form and their team will contact you personally. You will get knowledge and training to start, access to the French workroom (curtain and blind manufacturers), Software, your personal Online Store and digital fabric library with these companies:

The only thing you will need to do is to add your margins on Workroom services and fabrics and start searching for clients.

E-commerce for the Curtain and Blind Market, and How it Will Change Your Business Forever

Local Store = Online Store. No Difference.

InterioApp's online store is a game-changer for small business owners and decorators. When we talk with business owners about the online market, most of the time we hear that the market isn't ready, or the market is not active. When we ask to explain the owners' answers most of the time will be that they are online, and they are not doing sales. One of my favourite questions is to ask them what are the costs to run their local store, and how much they invest in their online store. I mean, image yourself:

You are starting your business. Select a nice area for your local store. Renting the store. Doing some renovations. buying samples. Hundreds of samples. tables, chairs and coffee machines to welcome your first clients. Some perfume for your store, to be recognised and nice to enter. You need at least one employee to do sales and quotations for clients. Maybe you will decide to promote your business, so you will print out some posters and go through the area with the posters. you will get a logo on your store's wall, and stickers with working hours. you will buy a cash machine and printer to print your offer and collect money. You will do all these steps, and then you will wait for the first clients who most of the time will be your friends and family to enter your store. That's how you should start your online business! There's nothing different, the same!
The problem we see is that most of our clients were starting their online landing page, uploading thousands of products via CSV files they get from their vendors, ads contact us details, writing about us in two sentences and uploading a few previous project images, they say that online business is not working. It is working, but this is the same business you run locally. You need to invest your time and knowledge to get results. We know how to reach great results. And that's why we are here for you.

Case Study: The Digital Transformation of Tafts Bespoke Interiors

Dave Radford's Journey: From Local Store Owner to Online Success

Dave Radford, a seasoned local store owner with over six decades of experience in crafting exquisite curtains and blinds, embarked on a transformative journey with Tafts Bespoke Interiors. Established in 1932, this illustrious curtain maker and interior designer has been a cornerstone in the soft furnishing workrooms of South East England.

The Traditional Roots

Tafts Bespoke Interiors, known for its craftsmanship and extensive range of quality fabrics, has been a trusted name for generations. With their commitment to providing tailored curtains and a vast array of styles, colours, and patterns, they've catered to the unique needs of each customer.

Embracing the Digital Era

In a bold move, Dave decided to transition Tafts Bespoke Interiors to an online platform, harnessing the power of digital technology. This shift wasn't just about keeping up with the times; it was a strategic decision to enhance customer experience and accessibility. By moving online, Tafts opened up a new realm of possibilities for customer engagement and reach.

The Online Store Experience

Dave's online store Tafts Bespoke Interiors mirrors the essence of their physical store - quality, variety, and personalised service. The website showcases its vast range of fabrics and accessories, inviting customers to explore and find precisely what they're looking for from the comfort of their homes.

The Impact

The digital transition has not only expanded Tafts Bespoke Interiors' customer base but also streamlined its services. The online platform has enabled them to offer detailed information about their products, easy access to custom requests, and a seamless shopping experience. This digital expansion has significantly elevated their brand presence and customer satisfaction.

Case Study: Bellevue Décoration's Journey to Online Excellence

Weaving a Digital Thread in the Tapestry of French Elegance

Bellevue Décoration, founded in 1978, has long been a bastion of French and Italian design sophistication. Known for their exquisite curtains that blend the finest of these two worlds, they have a legacy of creating spaces that resonate with individual style and elegance.

The Legacy of Elegance

Rooted in a heritage that spans generations, Bellevue Décoration has been a sanctuary for those who appreciate life's refined aspects. Their French and Italian-inspired curtains tell tales of timeless sophistication, making them a symbol of enduring design elegance.

Transitioning to the Online World

In embracing the digital age, Bellevue Décoration has taken a bold step forward. Their move to an online-exclusive platform is more than just adopting modernity; it's a commitment to enhancing their customer service and offering more competitive pricing for their high-quality fabrics. This transition marks a significant shift in their business model, focusing on online sales and digital customer engagement.

The Online Portal

Bellevue Décoration's online presence Bellevue Décoration is a testament to their dedication to quality and design. The website is a delightful blend of its rich heritage and modern functionality, providing customers with an immersive experience in selecting the perfect curtains for their homes.

The Digital Success

Since transitioning online, Bellevue Décoration has seen a surge in customer engagement and brand reach. Their commitment to providing a personalized online experience has not only retained their loyal customer base but also attracted new clients who value the convenience and quality of online shopping. Their journey is a shining example of how traditional businesses can flourish in the digital era without losing their essence.

Getting Started with InterioApp: A Step-by-Step Guide

Beginning Your Journey

Starting with InterioApp is like embarking on a journey of growth and creativity. Whether you are a seasoned decorator or new to the industry, the platform offers tools and support at every step – from choosing a unique logo to setting up a domain and online store that reflects your brand’s identity.

Embracing Creativity and Diversity

The beauty of InterioApp lies in its flexibility and scope for creativity. It's not just about curtains and blinds; it's about bringing your creative vision to life, whether that’s through bespoke home accessories, custom dog beds, or unique vases. If you are interested in starting your custom online business for Curtain and Blind to sell Online, please follow the link and Book a meeting with us to discuss your business's requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does InterioApp facilitate the transition from traditional to online retail for new decorators?
  • InterioApp eases the transition to online retail by offering a comprehensive platform that includes everything from digital fabric libraries to integrated payment systems, making it simpler for new decorators to set up and manage their online curtain and blind stores.
2. Beyond curtains and blinds, how can InterioApp help diversify product offerings?
  • InterioApp enables diversification beyond curtains and blinds by allowing users to showcase and sell a variety of home decor items in their online store, supported by InterioApp's versatile inventory and order management features.
3. What unique advantages does InterioApp offer for tapping into the French market?
  • In the French market, InterioApp offers a unique advantage by providing decorators with access to a digital library of French fabrics and a partnership with a local distributor, enabling them to offer a wide range of high-quality products without needing a physical stock.
4. Can you explain the functionality of the integrated calculator in the online store?
  • The integrated calculator in InterioApp's online store helps customers calculate the cost of custom-sized curtains and blinds, factoring in material, size, and other specifications, providing immediate, transparent pricing for custom orders.
5. What are the tangible benefits of achieving $20k in monthly revenue with InterioApp?
  • Reaching $20k in monthly revenue with InterioApp allows a user to fully utilize the platform's capabilities for online dropshipping of curtains and blinds. This achievement enables entrepreneurs to promote their services and products online without needing a physical workroom or fabric stock, making it an ideal setup for a curtain and blinds dropshipping business.
6. How does InterioApp safeguard data during team expansion and business scaling?
  • As the business scales and the team expands, InterioApp ensures data security through advanced user permission settings, allowing owners to control access to sensitive information and ensuring that data integrity is maintained as the online store grows.

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