Start your Online Curtain and Blind Store journey with these key insights - How to Start your Curtain and Blind Store in Paris

Remember the times when the idea of buying curtains online was met with skepticism? At the 2017 Heimtextil Interior Design and Fabric Expo, the notion seemed almost unthinkable to many. The common belief? People needed to 'feel' the fabric. Fast forward to today, and the landscape has dramatically transformed.


"The online segment of the window coverings market is poised for rapid growth, projected to expand at the fastest CAGR of 8.9% from 2024 to 2030. This surge is attributed to the increasing penetration of e-commerce in the home décor sector, which allows companies to reach broader audiences. Retailers often combine online and offline channels to maximize reach and customer engagement. A significant factor contributing to this growth is the noticeable increase in online home furnishing transactions, further propelled by the convenience and variety offered by online shopping platforms. The global window coverings market, valued at USD 34.50 billion in 2023, is expected to grow. This growth is driven by increasing consumer income and a trend towards regular home décor updates. Technological innovations, such as smart window coverings and AI-enhanced consumer experiences, are key growth drivers." - Window Covering Market Trends


The evolution in the market is a significant factor changing consumer behaviors, highlighting the importance for businesses to understand and adapt to these changes. Relying solely on a physical store means potentially losing out to competitors who establish an online presence, primarily due to cost differences. Operating a physical store demands more effort, time, and incurs costs that can be more than tenfold compared to running an online store. For a detailed comparison of the costs involved in launching a physical store versus an online store, please refer to our article - "Launching your own Curtain Store in Paris. Insights and InterioApp's role".  


 For instance, while our Curtain and Blind Calculator (for the Shopify Online Stores) might not offer a visual simulation of the product in a room, it revolutionises the shopping experience in its own unique way. Customers can input precise measurements, choose their preferred heading style, lining, and craft a bespoke window treatment that meets their exact needs, all culminating in a seamless purchase process. 



"We can now see that an online store is ideally suited for simple inquiries and swift purchases. For instance, if someone is interested in the price of curtains, they could easily reach out via email, Facebook, or Instagram. However, such inquiries often elicit generic responses, partly because businesses may suspect these queries originate from competitors, and we've noticed that these leads seldom turn into actual clients. Therefore, instead of dedicating time to answering questions and providing quotes, it might be more efficient to offer a feature that allows potential clients to select curtains and generate a quote based on their measurements. This approach enables leads to immediately see prices, which could either prompt them to place an order or motivate them to engage further with your store. Our experience shows that conversion rates improve significantly when customers trust in the store's accuracy and innovation. Most importantly, this strategy ensures that the leads you attract are your Ideal Customer Personas (ICPs), who are already acquainted with your pricing and the costs involved in making curtains," stated the CEO of InterioApp..


For those of us in the industry, whether you're a decorator, designer, manufacturer, or curtain shop owner, this presents boundless opportunities. The trajectory of the soft furnishings and window treatments market is clear, and if you are brave enough to try something un-experienced and new - you are on a right track. 



Dreaming of launching your own online store for curtains and blinds?

Picture this: You've grown up around the buzz of the fabric business, perhaps a family legacy like many small entrepreneurs in this space. Now, you're ready to weave your own success story.



Here's a friendly guide to get your dream shop fluttering in the digital wind:

  1. Spot Scouting: Find the perfect digital 'location' for your store. Think of a website as your storefront - it needs to be inviting! 
  2. First Impressions: Your store's look is key. Design a cozy, welcoming virtual space with colors and themes that speak 'home.'
  3. Show and Tell: Fill your online shelves with a vibrant selection of fabrics. High-quality images and detailed descriptions will help customers feel the texture through their screens.
  4. Sign Here, Please: Get ready to set up shop with a few clicks. Unlike physical stores, no lease signing here, just a straightforward setup process.
  5. Be Social: Create buzz on social media. Share your story, your passion for fabrics, and sneak peeks of your collections on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  6. Team Dream: Build a small but mighty team. You might start solo, but soon you'll need a few hands on deck, perhaps a digital marketer or a customer service star.
  7. Spread the Word: Market your heart out. Use online ads, collaborate with influencers, and maybe even a catchy hashtag to get the word spreading like wildfire.


Ready to turn that dream into reality? Your online curtain and blinds shop could be the next big thing in cozy home makeovers!

Financial Outlook:

The initial investment for a physical store can range widely from $10,000 to $100,000, depending on your country and city location. This variance underscores the diversity of market entry costs.


Local Curtain Shop in Paris:

  • Rent for the Shop: Renting a small shop space in a decent area of Paris can be quite expensive due to the high demand and prestigious location. Let's say it costs you €2,000 every month.
  • Salary for a Salesperson: Hiring a friendly and knowledgeable salesperson to help customers choose the right curtains would cost around €1,500 per month, considering the average wages and social charges in France.
  • Utilities and Maintenance: Keeping the shop bright, warm in winter, cool in summer, and well-maintained might cost about €300 per month, including electricity, heating, and minor repairs.

So, running your Local Curtain Shop in Paris would cost you around €3,800 every month.


Online Curtain Shop for Customers in France:

  • Web Hosting and Maintenance: To run a smooth and visually appealing online store, you might spend around €50 per month on a reliable hosting service that can handle your traffic and storage needs. Plus a Curtain and Blind Calculator  €100 per month.
  • SEO and Online Marketing: To ensure your online shop appears at the top of search results when people in France search for curtains, you might invest €500 per month in SEO and online advertising. This would cover professional SEO services and some paid ads.
  • Content Creation: Creating engaging content like blogs, photos, and perhaps even videos showcasing your curtains in beautiful room settings could cost around €400 per month. This could involve hiring freelance writers, photographers, or even a small production team for videos.

This brings the cost of running your Online Curtain Shop to about €1150 per month.


Now, with the same budget of €3,800 per month:

  • In the Local Curtain Shop in Paris, all of your budget goes into keeping the shop running, with no money left for additional promotions or unexpected expenses.

  • In the Online Curtain Shop, after covering your costs, you still have €2,750 left each month. You could use this money to enhance your website, create more engaging content, expand your online marketing efforts, or even start selling to other countries.

The difference is significant. With the Online Curtain Shop, you can do a lot more with the same amount of money compared to the Local Curtain Shop in Paris. This flexibility and efficiency could potentially lead to a higher profit margin and a wider reach for your curtain business, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Our Thoughts...

Highlighted details draw a parallel between launching a local store and an online store. Often, we perceive online stores as mere digital extensions of our physical presence, perhaps even likening them to social media profiles meant more for engagement than serious business. However, the reality is that an online store can be just as integral to your business strategy as a physical store. While the tactile experience of a local store lends itself to traditional business conduct — an online store offers a dynamic platform to reach a broader audience and streamline operations.

Our aim is to shed light on the similarities and differences between local curtain and blind retail business and online curtain and blind retail business. 

"Be Student, not a follower" - Jim Rohn's famous quote from the 80's is brilliant to these days that inspire us to create new ways to be visible in the market and make some different with the tools that are available and so little used for your competitors.

Let me know your thoughts!


  • Hailey

    Could you provide further details on the pricing structure for the online store? Additionally, we are interested in understanding the feasibility of integrating a calculator into our existing website. How does this integration process work, and would we have the autonomy to adjust the prices independently? We are eager to explore this further. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Robert G

    I’m intrigued. Could you please provide more information on whether there’s an opportunity to trial your app and online plugin? How does it work? Additionally, I’m keen to understand the cost structure and the types of blinds and curtains that can be seamlessly added to an online store through your solution. Looking forward to your response.

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