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We consider ourselves industry innovators. Therefore, whenever we meet like minded companies, it is very difficult to stay silent! We have a growing number of suppliers joining our application, and one of them truly grasped our sight - a company called Getynd from Portugal, that we met in last year’s Heimtextil expo. 


In short - a group of classical innovators

This company and their team are someone I would like to call as Classical Innovators. When talking about Meditarean culture, words like “beauty” and “sensuality” come to mind, as well as “conservativeness” and “persistence” or even, if I dare, “stubbornness”. Traditions are a big part of Meditarean culture, however, even in the most conservative of homes brave, inspiring innovators are born. Just look at one of the greatest minds of all time - Leonardo da Vinci. He was an artist with an eye for beauty as a true Meditarean, but with a mind for innovation and creativity as western inventor. The company of Getynd, brand of Mystery Meridian, is run by a man of the same spirit. 

They put the magic into their rods

 Getynd, as they call themselves, are a brand of curtain rods and rails. However, this would be an understatement of what they do. The company takes the simple interior design piece of curtain rods, and reinvents it! I was shocked to hear that you can do such things!

Not only do they use the finest materials for their products, like fine wood, and finest steel, brass and aluminium that Europe has to offer, but they also mix all these materials together to create the most beautiful designs, which is not seen as often in the business! 

They design innovation for convenience

But this is not the only mystery behind them. The company and their bright innovator are taking steps forward to reinvent something that already is so simple. Before them, as you might now, the only way to install curtains on a track was by suspending the curtains using hooks. Getynd noticed this limitation, and took matters to their own hands, and invented the rail rod, or as they call it the ”Manhattan Curtain Track”. A curtain track, where eyelet and ring curtains can be installed, with the convenience of a perfect curtain wave system. Imagine all the amazing possibilities! And just take a peek at how flawless that looks like!


They design innovation for the perfection of beauty

The company continued to amaze us, when they disclosed that they have designed a new rail rod that revolutionizes the whole window covering industry! How is that possible, you may ask? Well, we had the same question, and the answer they gave us really showed their creativity and innovation! 

 To most people - a curtain rod is just a curtain rod. It holds the curtain over the window, and that is it’s primary and only function, is it not? Well, the creative geniuses behind Getynd say something else. Just like Leonardo da Vinci, who was considered a man of the future, living in the past, the mastermind of Getynd sees the world through a different prism (or should I say - window?). To them the curtain rod is so much more than just a curtain rod. It is a piece of interior design that embellishes the room with its existence. And Getynd is trying to bring it to the full potential. 

So one way they decided to take the curtain rod to its full potential, was by designing it in such a way, that the curtain waves are falling in PERFECT intervals! Have a look!  

So as you can see, Getynd truly is a marvelous company, and we are really happy to have them amongst our supply partners! So after reading all about Getynd and Mystery Meridian, there is one question that came to our mind…

Who is the mysterious man behind the Mystery Meridian?

Getyn is a brand of curtain rods and rails, system patented, which was created by Philippe Durand. Originally trained in industrial design, Philippe Durand discovered quickly the  world of curtain rods within the BLOME company... to never leave it.  

 He has thus been evolving for 20 years in the window design, and more precisely  in the development and marketing of several collections of curtain rods.  In 2004, he launched his own “exclusive collection” with his sister. He regularly collaborates on different collections for brands (Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Bricorama,etc.) or distribution companies (Heytens, BHV, Atelier 28, etc.). 

From 2008, he enriched his knowledge in craftsmanship, thus approaching Morocco for  their forge iron know-how. He specializes more and more in the work of top curtain rods range, for decorators,  interior designers, shops and networks sales professionals. In 2019, he decided to launch a new website to distribute his Getynd brand directly  to individuals, via an ordering system online.  

To design diverse and aesthetic curtain poles and tracks collections I like to be inspired by various influences, through my own professional experience and travels “, explains Philippe Durand. 

When I create a product, I always have in my mind not only the aesthetics of the object but also the practical importance of its use. I always create from various possibilities of realization, by reflecting tooling production needs, aiming to generate the most qualitative product possible.” 

We were curious to find out more about the mind of Mr. Philippe. We asked where his story as an entrepreneur began, after he left the BLOME company, and he told us, that a large company from Paris noticed that the company that Mr. Philippe worked for was in danger of closing down, so they hired them to make collections for their stores. That was when he created the curtain rod, and the road to his success, where he is right now, started from there. 

Obviously, we were curious to find out where does Mr. Philippe takes his inspiration from. We, as creators, always try to follow the greater minds than our own, and seek inspiration from the same well as our idols. This, obviously, is a reason for the success of all autobiography books of the most successful and creative people. Mr. Philippe was mysterious here as well, and did not disclose too much of his sources of inspiration. His source for design and decorations, just as some might expected, come from the most beautiful canvas there is - nature. And this, probably, is the most obvious answer, as we, people, tend to mimic the beauty of the nature into the creations of our own. When asked about his technological inspirations, Mr. Philippe said he likes to observe the gestures and motor movements of all things around him, the usual gestures that take place, and he moves from there. 

We asked him, if he thinks that the companies of interior design industry, especially window coverings, are more conservative, or open minded, and whether he thinks that with the world going digital this would ever change, and his response was rather interesting. He noticed, that even though the interior design industry is all about the beauty of the classics, and that the trends, even though change rather fast, they’re not as radically different from one another as other industries, like technology. However, as Mr. Philippe said, the clientele is always in demand of novelty. Therefore it is necessary to bring the change to the trends with the precision of a surgeon, one bit at a time, so that would change the habits. He also added, that innovation is the fuel of societies. Failure to innovate condemns the future. And we could not agree more.

It is to no one’s surprise that it is of greatest honor and privilege to work with the most creative minds. We are sure that this is how the team of Getynd feels like, as we, at Curtains Calculator, feel the same, for we are happy to have them as our partners. And if you would like to have partners like Getynd yourself, and have their products in your easy to manage library - give our Curtains Calculator a try! Sign up here for a free demo call, where we will show you how you can have the most convenient library on the most useful tool an interior designer can have! 

Until next time, my dear readers!

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