What is Curtains Calculator app?

What is Curtains Calculator app?


if you are from the window covering industry, you know what a precise and responsible job it is to pick the right fabrics, cut them and sew beautiful curtains. This three-step process involves a great deal of knowledge, experience and skills.

Therefore, we want to talk more about one of the processes in curtain business - quote and workshop calculations.

In this post, we’ll define Curtains Calculator app, show a few examples of how it is used in businesses today, and provide some best practices for getting started with Curtains Calculator in your company.

What is Curtains Calculator app?

The name alone of Curtains Calculator says that it is a tool that helps you to prepare curtain calculations, but the purpose of the app is to automate curtain and blind calculations and makes it a 5-minute process. With Curtains Calculator app you will be able to eliminate human-errors from the calculations whitch can be made by employees in the curtain industry and prepare a sales offer for your clients and a workshop information for sewing shops in a matter of minutes. So if you are working with window coverings we invite you to read on and perhaps this solution will be the key to your success in your future work.

Why is Curtains Calculator Important?

Curtains Calculator helps to save hours of valuable time for curtain retailers by automating calculations of curtains and blinds. With Curtains Calculator you will be able to cut the time it takes to serve a single client by a very large margin, and use the spare time to search and serve new clients. With Curtains Calculator app you are able to:

  • Perform simple curtain calculations like, pleated and eyelet curtain, also roman and roller blinds.
  • Have a reliable client data base.
  • Create an offer to the client (a detailed and a simple one)
  • Create a workshop information for sewing shops.

Workshop information for sewing shops

if you are looking for a more efficient solution to manage your business, using the Curtains Calculator application in your business will streamline you in several stages of the process. And one of them is the preparation of sewing information. Create a professional workshop information for the sewing houses. Explaining an order to the tailor can take a lot of valuable time and it can create errors in your orders due to miscommunication.

A qoute for your client in just a minutes

Depending on what window coverings you work with: blinds, curtains or both, it takes hours and sometimes even days to prepare an offer using primitive tools like paper and simple calculator. Especially when combining few different pattern fabrics together.

With Curtains Calculator app you‘ll never let your client leave your shop without an offer. So it takes just a few minutes, no matter how complicated it might be.

Workshop information for sewing shop Curtains Calculator application

If your business works with window coverings and you want to work more productively, use less paper in your daily calculations and go with the latest technologies, a simple solution like Curtains Calculator app can take your business to the next level. 

We are looking for innovators and early adopters

Our company works only with window covering technology solutions and we are growing and constantly developing solutions that helps window decorators and designers to work more efficiently and productively. Our mission is to give this industry more freedom to create. Therefore, if you are an early adopter nad innovator of this beautiful industry, we invite you to try our tool in your business and follow the news and be one step ahead of your competitors. 

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