Why curtain and soft furnishing order automation with Curtains Calculator will be a revolutionary turning point to your company?

Curtains Calculator application for soft furnishing and curtian business owners and sales people. Assist sales people during the sales process in curtian and blind store

We know, that due to fact that Curtains Calculator is a new and revolutionary tool, it might be confusing for some of you to get a good grasp of what it is. But this post is not about that.

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Here we talk WHY you might need it, and the first reason is:

It makes you a ton of money

Let‘s be honest – money is what drives any company, and there is no way of going around it. The more money the company generates – the stronger and more capable it gets. That’s why the key of any successful business is to find ways to either generate more revenue, or cut the costs, and Curtains Calculator is of colossal help with the latter.

You save money on salary paid for calculations

Manual order calculation using a standard calculator, pen and paper is a chore, that takes hours of time to complete. Those calculations are done by the employees, and they have to be paid for by someone. Once the customer expresses their order preferences and provides their measurements, they leave the designer to prepare them an invoice, which takes hours to do, and leaves the designer/store clerk much less productive at the salon, as they become busy with the calculations. Additionally, the calculations often require overtime to complete, in order to serve the customer as soon as possible, which also is a huge cost in the budget.

With automated calculation process, the invoice is prepared within minutes – the customer doesn’t even need to leave the store. This way the employee is free to do other tasks around the store, and is not tied down to do the calculations.

You save money on human errors

People, no mater how smart or even genius they might be – they still make mistakes, called human errors. A lot of these mistakes occur in manual calculations, and it’s natural and inevitable. Dr. Graham Edkins in his research claim, that humans, no matter what task they’re allocated with, make 3 to 6 errors every hour. And these errors in curtain and soft furnishing order calculations occur by undercharging the customer, leaving the company with money losses.

This is, however, avoidable by automating the calculation process. Just like you can avoid doing mistakes by using an electronic calculator instead of doing fractional division by hand, the same way you can one up the human error prevention by automating the order calculation process.

You never lose your customers to competition

Often times, when provided with the invoice by email, the customer is dissatisfied with the proposition they receive, and instead of going into further negotiation with the salon, they just go to the closest competitor, provide the invoice they have received in the first salon, and ask their competitor if they could do something similar for a lower price. And of course they can, and will always do anything to retain the customer away from you. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. So how to avoid that?

Automation of curtain and soft furnishing calculation is the irreplaceable here. The customer won’t go to your competitor, and provide them with your invoice, if they won’t receive the invoice by email, and instead will see the price before they leave your salon. That way not only they can sign the contract here and now, but also, if they’re dissatisfied with the price, you can make adjustments on the spot, and work to retain your customer.


Ties up your workflow dynamic

Having everything at hand is incredibly convenient, and something we never thought that we needed so much. One example of it is a smartphone – before the release of an iPhone, calling and texting your friends, video chatting, watching movies, browsing internet, playing videogames and many other functions were done on separate devices. Now, we just can’t live without it. Some people might call it the “addiction to technology”, but in reality is the chance of convenience.

The other example is the Curtains Calculator. You can do order calculations, track the productivity of your employees, have your stock control and automated order system, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, all in the same website! This will not only maximize the potential speed the company can operate, but also give you a great overlook of all the details of your business operation!


It grows your employees, not just the company

Owning a profitable business is obviously very important to any entrepreneur, and from what you have already read, you can see that it is very much achievable with Curtains Calculator. However, being a good business person these days is not the only thing anymore. For the last few decades more and more we turn our heads towards the source of our revenue and profit – the people.

In order to know how well your employees perform, you’d have to stay in the office every day with them. Curtains Calculator allows you to skip that, and provides you with a tool that will make you the best team leader. The companies that have Curtains Calculator installed in their business, have individual logins for all their employees, this way tracking their work. Once a calculation for a new order is started, it appears in the supervisors user profile as well. That way the supervisor can see all the data regarding sales – not just how many sales each employee has closed, but also the percentage of sales that were closed in comparison to the ones that were opened, what time of the day or the week or month was the busiest, what time was the slowest, etc. This way you can not only allocate the schedule accordingly, but also mentor your employees, if data provided shows that they struggle with closing their sales, or have other issues regarding the sales process. This way you’ll not only have a profitable business, but also a loyal team of employees, willing to bring success to your company!

This is the new normal

The world is going digital, and the time has come for interior design industry to join the revolution. With the requests we receive from designing schools to implement the Curtains Calculator in schools, the new generation of staff will be using it in no time. Want to know what interior design students are looking for in their potential workplaces? Read about it here.

Interior design industry students will be looking to work for the companies that follow the latest trends. And the trend right now is to work as easy, as fast and as profitable as possible. And the only way to do so is by using Curtains Calculator. So Sign up here and we’ll show you how to revolutionize your company!


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