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InterioApp Software New updates for today (March 28)

At InterioApp, we believe in constant innovation and in providing our users with tools that not only enhance their creative capabilities but also streamline their operational processes. That's why we're excited to share with you a series of updates that we've rolled out, designed to optimise your experience and expand your possibilities.

What's new in the InterioApp

Cushion Creation (Beta)

First up, we've introduced a beta feature that we're quite excited about – the Cushion Creation tool. This new feature allows you to bring your cushion designs to life and incorporate them into your various projects. As we're in the beta phase, our focus is on enabling you to utilise leftover materials, thus promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness. We're eager to hear your feedback to refine and perfect this tool.

  1. To test it out, please
  2. Enter app's settings
  3. Add a cushion option to the app
  4. Upload image and add all possible sizes
  5. Create add-ons for cushions, like feather filling etc.
  6. Give it a try
  7. Let us know what's missing and what would be a great improvement
Cushion in the InterioApp application
A screenshot from the InterioApp: Cushions

Custom Quotes

Next, we've redefined the way you create quotes with our new 'Custom' quote option. This feature empowers you to manually generate quotes, giving you the freedom to tailor your estimates with a more personalised touch. The interface is different, fresh, and we've made sure it's fun to use, setting the stage for a more engaging quoting process.

A custom quote in the InterioApp to create quotation more custom for your prospects and clients.
A screenshot from the InterioApp: Custom Quote


Progress Popup for Streamlined Ordering

We're introducing a game-changer in project management – the Progress Popup feature. This intuitive new interface provides itemised tracking with colorful status updates for each product ordered from suppliers. It’s a vibrant, visual way to manage orders, offering a clear overview of the ordering stages from pending to completion. With the ability to add vendors and categorise everything needed for a job, this feature is a true testament to the innovative spirit at InterioApp.

Progress feature to order products from suppliers
A screenshot from the InterioApp: Progress

Services and Other Integration

To further enhance your project management experience, our 'Services and Other' integration has been designed to simplify how you add products. This streamlined feature allows for the efficient and quick addition of hardware and services to your jobs, effectively cutting down on the time you spend on administrative tasks.

Services and other feature in the InterioApp to create custom products like upholstery
A screenshot from the InterioApp: Services and other


Curtain and Blind Calculator Add-On

Lastly, we're proud to present the 'Precision Plus' add-on for our Curtain and Blind Calculator. This enhancement brings an additional layer of accuracy and efficiency to your calculations, ensuring that you can deliver impeccable results with confidence.


A screenshot from InterioApp Curtain calculator in action where we are adding add-ons in the curtain treatment

A screenshot from the InterioApp: Curtain calculator add-ons


Stay tuned, as these updates are just the beginning. We're committed to continuously evolving InterioApp to suit your dynamic needs. We're looking forward to seeing how these changes elevate your business and we're as always, grateful for your support and input.

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