Launching Your Own Curtain Store in Paris. Insights and InterioApp's Role

InterioApp about - how to start your own Curtain and Blind store in Paris

This article is for interior enthusiasts passionate about fabrics, colours, and decorations who dream of starting their own business and embarking on an entrepreneurship journey. We are getting more questions about our InterioApp software for young decorators, who are curious in launching their own business and start working with curtain fabrics and window coverings. Specifically about curtain and blind retail store and how much it takes to start one, we will cover in this article. 

So if you have ideas in starting your business in curtain and blinds, this article will give you a guidance on what would be the price to launch a local store, what steps you would need to take to launch it.


#1: Research and Planning

While often overlooked, research and planning are crucial steps in the journey to entrepreneurship. Yes, I have to add this, and this is most important part of the journey, but also, the one that is almost never done. And this is true. We are making the most important decisions without a proper research. So this is very important to take action and do a market research and prepare a business plan.

  • Market Research
Understand the local market demand, competition, and customer preferences in Paris. This includes identifying popular styles, trends, and what sets you apart from existing stores. Please have in mind that I've took a specific location and this is very important. Please have in mind that something that worked in London might not work in Paris, so please do a research before you will take any action.
  • Business Plan
Develop a detailed business plan that includes your business model, target market, unique value proposition, marketing strategy, and financial projections. At the moment with the AI tools that are available to everyone there will be no excuses not to have a detailed plan to start.

#2: Location and Setup

How important is location in starting a business? Just as in Monopoly game, where prime properties can lead to success, selecting the right location is pivotal for your curtain and blind store (I honestly advice to arrange a friends evening and play Monopoly, because it could be the best strategy session you could buy in the market). I hope you will agree with me that if you want to win the game, you have to have the best locations on the table, and as soon you will own it bigger chances for you to win. Time matters.

  • Location Scouting

    Find a suitable location that's accessible and visible to your target demographic. Consider foot traffic, ease of access, and window showrooms are something very important for your industry. 
  • Lease Agreement

    Secure a lease agreement, understanding all terms and conditions. Typically, landlords require a security deposit and several months of rent upfront.
  • Store Design and Setup

    Design your store layout to be inviting and functional. This includes interior decoration, display areas for fabric samples, and signage.

#3: Inventory and Suppliers

This part of your business will be the main factor of how quick your business will grow and how profitable you will be in the short-term and the long-term. In other words it's like a kitchen in the Restaurant. You can't offer Chinese food and French food in the same restaurant. Imagine your self running a French cousin restaurant,  how big would be a menu, is it a 40 pages book or a one page clean and simple menu? Same with your curtain business. You have to decide on your style, on the number of suppliers, on the size of inventory. Always remember the golden rule: less is more. While not universally applicable, in most business contexts, this principle tends to hold true. There's a couple of things to have in mind:

  • Supplier Relationships

    Establish relationships with dependable suppliers for quality fabric samples and other essential materials. Begin modestly; identify one or two suppliers to start with. The more you sell from these suppliers, the larger the margins you can negotiate. Working with too many suppliers may not make you a valuable client to any, as your purchases from each are minimal. Greater sales volumes provide more leverage in negotiations for your margins, which is crucial for your profitability. Ultimately, it's profit, not revenue, that matters.
  • Inventory Management

    Develop an inventory management system to track stock levels, orders, and deliveries. Read more about InterioApp Software for Curtain and Blind small businesses and decorators. 

#4: Branding and Marketing

At a recent business conference, I had the chance to converse with entrepreneurs from the US. They shared their perspective on the key differences between US and EU entrepreneurs, particularly in how new business owners allocate their budgets for launching their businesses. It might have been in jest, but their observation really resonated with me: US entrepreneurs tend to allocate as much as 80% of their budget to marketing and sales, with a strong focus on growth. In contrast, their EU counterparts generally adopt a more conservative approach, prioritizing operations and product development. This insight has made me think deeply about the strategies we choose and their impact on our success. It's a reminder not to overlook the importance of strategic budget allocation in business growth.

  • Branding

    Develop a strong brand identity, including a logo, color scheme, and store aesthetics, to make your store stand out.
  • Digital Presence

    Create professional social media accounts and consider a simple website to increase your visibility. Regularly update these platforms with engaging content to attract and retain customers.
  • Local Marketing

    Invest in local marketing efforts like brochures, business cards, and posters. Engage with the community through local events, partnerships, and promotions.

    The success of your curtain store, whether in Paris or any other location, hinges on your ability to merge the artistic allure of your offerings with robust business strategies. Engaging with the local community, delivering outstanding customer service, and staying responsive to market trends and consumer preferences are key.

    As specialists in launching online stores, we bring a wealth of knowledge that covers many of the same foundational steps, yet also delves into the specifics required for a thriving online presence, such as selecting the right e-commerce platform, implementing effective digital marketing strategies, and managing logistics for shipping and returns. In today's digital age, the distinction between online and physical stores is diminishing, with both demanding equal levels of dedication, strategic planning, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

    If you're an aspiring entrepreneur ready to dive into the soft furnishing market, or a small business owner poised to transition online, we're here to guide you. Book a meeting with us, and let's explore how we can elevate your journey and ensure the success of your online store


    • Sarah Biddell

      So true…

    • Daniel

      Thank you for this article, the thoroughness in addressing the unique market dynamics in knowing more about local tastes and preferences is very important. Hmm, I have to be honest and say that this would be a helpful guide for me ten years ago in launching my own business. Everything from market research to the grand opening provides a solid foundation for any entrepreneur looking to venture into this niche, and not only does this I mean, but it so makes sense to any new entrepreneur in the market, especially the ones who are starting with the social media posts instead of taking these steps first.. I particularly appreciated the section on forming relationships with local artisans and suppliers, highlighting the importance of community integration in business success! The blend of traditional charm with modern business strategies is indeed the way forward in any city! Great job!

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