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InterioApp is your ultimate solution for managing curtain and blind projects efficiently. Whether you're an interior designer, retailer, or a small business owner, InterioApp offers a suite of powerful tools to streamline your operations and enhance your customer experience.

InterioApp Software

InterioApp Software is designed to streamline the order management process for decorators and sales team members, allowing them to prepare quotations in seconds while still engaging with prospects. Here are some key benefits of InterioApp:

Increased Conversion Rates

Increase your conversion rates by up to 30% as prospects receive timely and accurate estimates, leading to quicker decision-making.

Guided Fabric Selection

Tailor your fabric recommendations to client needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing the chances of closing the deal.

Immediate Deal Closure

Close deals immediately by presenting accurate quotes and facilitating deposit payments, shortening the sales cycle and increasing revenue.

Increased Conversion Rates

Providing immediate estimates significantly boosts the likelihood of converting leads. By offering precise quotes on the spot, you keep prospects engaged and reduce the chances of them seeking alternative providers.

Enhanced Lead Understanding

When leads understand the real prices of their projects, it builds trust and transparency. InterioApp helps clarify cost breakdowns, making it easier for clients to see the value in your services.

InterioApp - Curtain and blind quoting software for small business owners
This is a Fabric Library Page from the InterioApp Software for Curtain aNd Blind Businesses

Guided Fabric Selection

Use InterioApp to navigate leads towards the right fabrics that match their preferences and budget. The software’s intuitive interface allows you to showcase options and make informed recommendations on the spot.

Quoting Software

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E-commerce Curtain and Blind Calculator

Our E-commerce Curtain and Blind Calculator Plugin was designed to help curtain and blind retailers, decorators, and designers expand their market reach by moving online. With our plugin, you can sell bespoke window treatments online, enhancing your business opportunities. Here are the key benefits of e-commerce calculator:

Seamless Transition to Online Sales

Expand your market reach and increase sales by offering your products to a wider audience online

Transparent Pricing for Customers

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction as clients come to you with a clear understanding of pricing for their multi-window projects

Virtual Showroom for Small Decorators

Provide small decorators with an affordable way to display their products and compete in the larger market


Blind Calculator

The Blind Calculator is a dynamic on-page tool that allows sellers to provide a bespoke pricing experience for custom blinds. Here’s how it functions:

Visible Integration: The calculator is embedded directly on the product page, allowing users to see it immediately upon visiting.

Variable Selection: Sellers can add various customizable options, such as material, size, color, and additional features, which users can select to tailor their blinds.


Blind Calculator

Real-Time Pricing: As users adjust the variables, the calculator updates the price in real-time, providing an instant quotation for the bespoke blinds.

Quick Decision-Making: This feature helps customers make informed decisions quickly, as they can see the impact of their choices on the final price instantly.

The Blind Calculator enhances the shopping experience by offering transparency and convenience, helping customers to quickly and easily configure and price their custom blinds.


Curtain Calculator

The Curtain Calculator is an interactive slider tool designed to simplify the process of designing and purchasing custom curtains. Here's how it works:

Step-by-Step Selection
: Users can navigate through various steps using the slider interface, selecting different variables such as fabric type, color, length, and style.

Customisation Options: The tool allows for extensive customization, ensuring that customers can create curtains that perfectly match their needs and preferences.


Curtain Calculator

Instant Quotation: Once all variables are selected, the calculator provides an immediate quotation, giving users a clear understanding of the cost.

Seamless Purchase Transition: After receiving the quotation, users can effortlessly move to the purchase page to complete their order.

This intuitive and user-friendly tool ensures a smooth and engaging experience for customers, making it easier than ever to design and buy custom curtains.

e-commerce Plugin

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