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InterioApp gives all the must have tools for Curtain and Blind market. Tools like CRM, Quoting and Order Management platform for your in-house team. Our Shopify "Curtain and Blind Calculator" Plugin, allows you to offer and sell curtains and blinds online. We will support you in every step of setup and integration


Seamless Quoting and Order Management

Simplify your quoting process and order management with InterioApp's intuitive platform, designed for accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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Direct Access to Workroom and Fabric Distributors
Connect seamlessly

Connect seamlessly with our extensive network of workrooms and fabric distributors, ensuring you always have access to top-quality materials.

Comprehensive Fabric Libraries:
Digital and Physical Library

Leverage our extensive physical and digital fabric libraries to unleash your creativity and meet any client's design expectations.

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Transforming Decor: Our Customer Success Stories

This is a unique opportunity for young and creative people to start their own business and earn a better living!

This is the owner of a company Angely-Paris that distributes ROMO fabrics in France
Pierre Richard CALICE

France, Paris

The app helped me in starting my own business, preparing my first quotes and writing down invoices. I have everything in one place and it's a game changer for me

Disney Linares

Northern Ireland, UK

Moving our entire business online with InterioApp was a pivotal decision. Based in the heart of London, we transitioned from our local stores to a digital platform seamlessly.

Dave Radford

England, London

As the owner of a curtain store, adopting InterioApp has been a game-changer. InterioApp has not only elevated our business model but also reinforced our commitment to excellence in customer service.

Irena Kotalova

Prague, Czech Republic