How the Plugin Works

Start Shopify Store

Set up your Shopify store to create your online space. This is where customers will find and buy your products

Upload Fabric library

Add your fabrics to the store with images and details, giving customers a variety of choices for their needs

Connect Calculator App

Link the calculator to your store, allowing customers to easily choose fabrics and get instant pricing for their window treatments

Sell Curtain and Blind Online

InterioApp Plugin transforms your Shopify store, making selling curtains and blinds simple. With a user-friendly calculator, customers can easily choose and customize their options. Boost your sales and customer satisfaction with InterioApp.

This is example of Curtain And Blind Shopify Plugin Quote

Transform your online store with our Curtain and Blind Calculator Plugin

Introducing our cutting-edge Shopify Plugin, a must-have for entrepreneurs eager to start an online business in the window treatment sector. This plugin is your gateway to the expanding world of online blinds and curtains, providing a seamless connection to our comprehensive Curtain and Blind Calculator.

Shopify App integration