For wholesalers

A platform that connects suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in one cloud-based application.

The software is a powerful marketing tool for the wholesalers and suppliers. The applications will allow your designers and retailers to quickly produce more quotes and be competetive in the market. More retailers are selling, more they are buying from you!

1. Upload fabric collections to the application

2. Set the buying and recommended selling prices to the library

3. Give access to the interior designers you work with

4. Add to the marketplace workroom manufacturers, who will be able to grab the order and manufacture curtains and blinds

For top manegers

Installing the app can allow you to grasp a monopoly inside the application by constraining your retailers to use only your resources.

For marketing team

Brand awareness can increase by informing the client that they are buying fabrics provided by your brand. Which will lead to a customer knowing more about your materials, leading the customer to request your brand next time they buy curtains.

For sales team

Installing the app will lead retail to increase their customer to sale conversion rate by 40%, which increases the order quantity, leading to a more significant yield.

Please book a demo call to get a free trial

We want to be sure that Curtains Calculator is right tool for you! That's why there's no button TO BUY! Please contact us and we will arrange a demo call and will prepare you a free 3 days trial. So you and your team will be able to give it a try

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