Curtains Calculator overview

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Everything you need for window covering business in 8 steps:

Step 1: Create a new order

When you are ready to start calculating your order, simply start by creating a new customer, fill all the needed client details, like name, contact details, address, etc. 

Once an order is created, a status ‘in process’ will appear, and you will be able to change it as soon as you move forward with your client.

Curtains Calculator

Step 2: Add rooms and create windows

Create as many rooms (like: kitchen, bedroom, etc.) as you need for each project.
Then, continue by creating windows for the rooms (names like: Left, Right, North, East, etc.). Sign up for trial

Curtains Calculator create windows add measurements


Step 3: Fill in all the measurements

Fill in all the measurements in either metric (cm, mm) or imperial (inch, yard), and switch between them if needed. 

Precision is important when calculating orders, and when done by hand and basic calculator, it’s difficult to avoid errors. Curtains Calculator will eliminate the chance of human-made errors, and will help you provide percise calculations.

Curtains Calculator

Step 4: Prepare a quote for your clients and simply email it

Simplyfy preparation of quote for your clients. With a push of a button a quote of any size will be conducted. The quote will be available in two versions: simplified, and detailed. Sign up for trial

Qoute for client Curtains Calculator  

Step 5: Send the workshop information to your sewing house

Create workshop plans for your sewing house with just a click of a button. Many curtain and fabric retailers outsource their sewing services. Additionally, sketches used for calculating quotes are used for sewing as well, compromising the sensitive pricing information. Using Curtains Calculator you’ll be able to separate pricing calculation from sewing blueprints, saving your company’s information

To explain the order to your sewing house takes a lot of valuable time to you and your employees, that’s why a professional and simple to use workshop information saves hours of time you can use more wisely.

Workshop information Curtains Calculator

Step 6: Manage your time with calendar

With Curtains Calculator app you are able to manage your time more simply by using one application. Use Curtains Calculator calendar where you can track when and where your employees have meetings. Sign up for trial

Curtains Calculator calendar

Step 7: Have a detailed analytics about your sales and lost customers

Create new customer order. See all your customers in one page and never forget about any of your clients. Check the status of each order and Curtains Calculator will remind you the ones that are still in process. 

Detailed analytics Curtains Calculator

Step 8: Manage your fabric library (stock control)

Fabric leftovers or last pieces of a fabric you keep in your stock are always in your application with you and your team. They know what to sell and when to do it. With Curtains Calculator app they will never re-sell it twice or forget about it. 

Curtains Calculator will keep track of hardware and headers stock management as well, so you will be able to have all your supplies in one spot.

 Fabric stock library Curtains Calculator

No need to install or download anything. Create your account and start using Curtains Calculator app in your store TODAY.


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