We believe we are innovating the industry that turns houses to home

We are in curtain and blind business since 2011 and we strongly believe that we do know this market quite a bit. As a youngsters (me and my wife) we were trying to innovate every part of our business processes of our local curtain and blind store.

We know what our customers needs and wants are. We created a lot of value in serving our customers for a price they were willing to pay. However, the biggest problem became the time that took us to prepare calculations and suggestions for both the client and the sewing house and the mistakes we were making during the rush of serving our customers.

That’s how I got to the MBA studies at ISM University. Besides a few other management changes we wanted to make, we couldn’t find a proper management tool for this specific curtain and blind industry. We needed a solution that would be simple, would manage our sales, fabric stock and eliminate human-errors our employees made in the calculations. There were no such tools which would let you manage your calculations in a proper way on the market.

We created a solution - Curtains Calculator app

There was no such tool in the market, so we came up with an idea to create a solution of our own. While I was studying CCNA and Cisco Security in London academy, I was constantly surrounded by people who work in IT industry. So in 2017 we launched Curtains Calculator web application for our daily use: to manage our clients, calculate quotes and prepare a workshop information for sewing houses.

Our store became more competitive in the local market, and our textile vendors all over the Europe started to question us about our business strategy and about the business model we were using, and how are we growing so fast. We began telling them our story of Curtains Calculator application.

Darius Baltunis Curtains Calculator Admaja uzuolaidu salonas Curtains Calculator

Heimtextil expo 2020

IIn 2020 we went to Heimtextil expo in Frankfurt to introduce ourselves to our future customers. And they loved our idea! The best value the expo give us, was that we heard what our potential clients would love to have in the application, which gave us so many ideas! It was a very valuable experience for us. We had an opportunity to talk with retailers and wholesalers from all over the world. We spent more than 30 valuable hours talking with more than 140 different business owners, interior designers and fabric vendors!

Heimtextil Curtains Calculator app

Heimtextil Curtains Calculator app

Heimtextil Curtains Calculator app

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