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We are in soft furnishing industry since 2011. As a youngsters we were trying to innovate every part of our business processes of our local curtain and blind store. Our partners and vendors were inspired of our growth success in our local business and asked to share our story with them. Now we’re shareing it with the rest of the world. There’s no secrets or miracles, everything is hiding in numbers. We love every part of Curtains Calculator web application. We are innovating it every single day, and hope, one day you will be the one in telling your success story with others.

Darius Baltunis Curtains Calculator application CEO and Founder
Create your own story

Growing your window covering business using old methods is very hard. To serve more customers, your employees have to be competent in both sales and order calculations. So why not give your creative team the ability to focus only on value creation for customers?

The Curtains Calculator is a cloud-based application, so your creative team will have full access from any device in store and even on a tablet when taking measurements in your client’s home.

Be ready, quick and creative

“It’s so frustrating to see customers leaving your store without a quote in their hands after hours spent choosing fabrics and designs for their window treatments” - that is what we here the most when talking with business owners.

Step 1

Book your free demonstration call and get your 3 day trial for Curtains Calculator web application.

Step 2

Set up your window covering costs. Add fabrics to your library. Create your company’s quotes. Give access to your team.

Step 3

Find more time for a cup of coffee with your team and just watch how your business is growing.

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