Sell Custom Window Blinds Online

Don't miss the opportunity to enter the online market and gain more clients nationwide.


The store is fully designed and functional, with a lifetime access curtain and blind calculator, eliminating ongoing monthly fees. This allows you to start your business immediately without any initial setup hassle.

SEO-Friendly Design

The website is built with SEO-friendly content and a user-friendly interface, ensuring high visibility on search engines and an excellent user experience. This foundation helps attract organic traffic and potential customers right from the start.

Comprehensive Support

As the original developers, we provide 3 to 6 months of tech support to help you get started. This includes assistance with website operations, product uploads, and marketing strategies, ensuring a smooth transition and successful launch.

Vendor Collaboration Opportunities

The store is set up with potential for collaboration with fabric vendors, providing opportunities for exclusive deals and a diverse product range that can attract a broader customer base

Flexible Operation

The business can be run from anywhere, offering complete flexibility for the owner. Whether you're operating from home or on the go, the store's 24/7 online operation ensures continuous business without location constraints.


Built on a robust e-commerce platform, the store is designed to scale as your business grows. Easily add new product lines, expand marketing efforts, and handle increased traffic and sales without needing extensive technical adjustments.

Exclusive Offer: Marketing Budget Recommendations

As part of this exclusive offer, you will receive our detailed marketing budget recommendations, designed to help you enter the market effectively and achieve profitability within the first year. Our expert team has crafted a strategic plan tailored for the online curtain and blinds market, ensuring you start strong and grow steadily.

Discounted One-Time Purchase

The store is available for a special one-time purchase price of £12,000, significantly reduced from £33,000.

Lifetime Access Calculator

The store includes a unique curtain and blind calculator with lifetime access, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers without any recurring monthly fees.

Professional Design

The store features a professionally designed, visually appealing interface that enhances the shopping experience, builds customer trust, and encourages higher conversion rates.

Thank you for partnering with us to grow your business


What to Expect After Purchasing One Click Blinds

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. We will schedule an introductory call to discuss the transition process and answer any immediate questions you may have. You will receive a documentation of the store with initial access to the store's admin panel.

The transfer of ownership includes transferring the domain name, website files, and all associated rights to you. Our team will handle the technical aspects to ensure a smooth transition, and you will receive full administrative access to all relevant accounts.

You will receive 3 to 6 months of comprehensive support from our tech team. This includes help with website operations, product uploads, marketing strategies, and any technical issues. We are committed to ensuring your successful launch and operation.

Yes, we will provide training sessions to familiarise you with the store's functionalities, including the curtain and blind calculator, inventory management, and order processing. You'll also have access to detailed documentation and video tutorials. Additionally, with the store, you are getting a curtain and blind calculator setup valued at £1,400.

Our marketing budget recommendations include a detailed plan covering various channels such as SEO, ICP, social media marketing, and email campaigns. The goal is to help you enter the market effectively and achieve profitability within the first year.

Even after the initial 3 to 6 months of support, we offer extended support packages and consultation services to assist you as your business grows. You can always reach out to us for further assistance.