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10 different languages so far

Curtains Calculator is availible in 10 different languages: English, German, French, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian. 

Manage your sales orders in one place

Manage your clients with Curtains Calculator application together with your team members. We added three colors: red, yellow and green, to manage your sales easier to find out when your customer made a purchase you change the color from yellow to green, so you can cut the fabrics and send a worshop information to your sewing shop.

Curtains Calculator app sales client management

Calculate window coverings and hardware

  • Pleated curtain
  • Eyelet curtain
  • Roman-blind
  • Roller-blinds
  • Hardware (curtain poles)

Add as many rooms and windows in orders you are calculating for your clients as you need. Curtains Calculator will make the hard work for you. Prepare a quote for your client in a matter of minutes and have it ready for email or printing.

Curtains Calculator app

Create workshop information with a click of a button

When you need to prepare a quote for your customer ASAP, it accounts for workshop information preparation as well, therefore it is easy to make errors in your calculations. Eliminate human-errors from your calculations with Curtains Calculator app and save hours of your valuable time in making changes.

Workshop information wor window covering curtain

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