Why Curtains Calculator?

Manual labor vs Curtains Calculator app for curtain and blind retailers and fabric wholesalers

What we offer:

  • A simplified way to calculate any window treatment, create quotes, and generate workshop information with an automated draperies calculator
  • Elimination of human error from your daily calculations
  • Go green! A tool that will enable you to use considerably less paper in your daily operations
  • A reliable database
  • A tool to measure your employees’ productivity
  • A tool that will assist you in making less wasteful fabric selection decisions
  • On-the-go access to fabric and hardware library (‘stock’)

Case study

We carried out market research and found that:

  • On average, companies and independent salons take about 3 hours to complete the calculations for a SINGLE order
  • On average, many retailers carry out about 250 calculations annually

If we presume that an average interior decorator’s hourly rate is 9 EUR, we get that retailers in the curtains and blinds business lose about:

  • 6 750 EUR per year (based on the available European-businesses-related data) only because they carry out the calculations manually

Therefore, each time your employee calculates an offer for your customer, the company’s variable costs for every estimation are:

  • 28 EUR per order (on average)
These costs go towards the total cost of your fabrics. Become more competitive in your market by minimizing these costs with the Curtains Calculator app. Learn more >


Human-errors in your calculations

We have researched and found that even the most experienced employees make mistakes in their calculations.

  • We found that, due to calculating orders using hand and a basic calculator, companies lose 4 to 12 EUR per order on average
  • That is around 5-10% of their respective annual revenues every single year

This is what hand-written calculations look like:

We conducted a research study during which we spent hours talking to hundreds of interior decorators, designers, and curtains & blinds store owners worldwide (from Afganistan to Zimbabwe). We found that nearly 95% of businesses working with fabrics (curtains and blinds) prepare calculations by hand whilst using a basic calculator. It is time-consuming and tiring, and, as a result, employees are prone to making mistakes in their calculations.

Curtains Calculator vs hand made curtain calculations

Solution - Curtains Calculator app

For all those reasons, we came up with the Curtains Calculator app solution. 

  • Easy to use for both trainees and experienced staff
  • A simple way to monitor your sales and fabric stock
  • Trustworthy numbers tell you how to manageassist you in managing your business

Curtains Calculator application for window covering businesses


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