This is a desktop with the InterioApp Calculator, where we display how we are calculating curtain order. App in action
This is a desktop with the InterioApp Calculator, where we display how we are browsing through the jobs. App in action
This is a desktop with the InterioApp Calculator, where we display how we are managing calendar. App in action
This is a desktop with the InterioApp Calculator, where we display how we are creating new tasks. App in action
This is a short introduction video of InterioApp - a software for Curtain and Blind business

InterioApp: Small Business Assistant

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InterioApp Software for your Small Business Management

From Curtains Calculator - to InterioApp, we have upgraded the software to be more powerful to manage your daily quotes, jobs, tasks and fabric ordering.

1. Home Page: A user friendly dashboard to write down your to-do list, manage Notifications and KPI's in one page

This is a Dashboard, home page to display to the users how the app is looking like
2. Jobs Page: Track and Filter Jobs with a click of a button. This is a platform that allow you as a manager to see everything in one place, and never miss the unclosed deal
This is a Jobs page of the software InterioApp
3. Calendar: Manage meetings and visits on one Calendar. Sync the InterioApp Calendar to your Google Calendar seemlesly
InterioApp Calendar page which allows users to sync Google Calendar to InterioApp calendar and manage meetings online

Why Choose InterioApp?

InterioApp was built for the creative and innovative people. We have simplified the software to use it with just a click of a button. the app is easy to understand even for the ones who has never used word or excel sheets. 

If you are looking for complex Software solution to be installed into your desktop computer - InterioApp is not for you. But if you desire to manage jobs seamlessly and do it creatively, I believe the InterioApp is the best simple solution for the market.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Subscribe to the InterioApp and test the software on your own, or book a demo call with. I will be happy to listen and give business advice, and see if InterioApp is the right fit for you.
  2. We will arrange a second meeting (Workshop) to go through your needs and customisations
  3. We will set up the Software with your treatments and make up costs.
  4. We will train your team and launch InterioApp within two to six weeks.

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Join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs leveraging InterioApp to expand their online presence. Start your journey today and make your business work for you.


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Quote Window Treatments with Ease

InterioApp is a leading window treatment quoting application that empowers users to bring their creative visions to life.

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InterioApp - Curtain and blind quoting software for small business owners

Quoting CRM

Add depth and detail to your quotations, manage projects with colourful statuses, assign tasks, email Quotes to your customers, send Workshop to your curtain makers.


Curtain and Blind Calculator

Curtain and Blind plugin for the Shopify Store owners will allow to sell bespoke curtain and blind online.

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