Ready-to-Launch Online Curtain and Blinds Store
Ready-to-Launch Online Curtain and Blinds Store
Ready-to-Launch Online Curtain and Blinds Store
Ready-to-Launch Online Curtain and Blinds Store
Ready-to-Launch Online Curtain and Blinds Store

Ready-to-Launch Online Curtain and Blinds Store

Regular price £916/month Sale price£333/month

Choose Your Option:

  1. Rent the Store: Opt for a flexible monthly subscription plan with a 3-year agreement.
  2. Buy the Store: Take advantage of our special offer of £12,000 and own the store for a one-time payment.

One Click Blinds is a newly launched, beautifully designed online store prepared for a new owner to take over and launch. This store is perfect for anyone looking to enter the home decor market or expand their current business.

Key Features:

  • Product Offering:

    • The store is set up to sell a wide range of blinds and curtains, catering to various customer tastes and requirements.
  • Curtain and Blind Calculator:

    • The website includes lifetime access to a curtain and blind calculator, eliminating the need for monthly charges and enhancing customer convenience.
  • Design and SEO:

    • Featuring a stunning, user-friendly theme with SEO-friendly content, the store is well-positioned for effective online marketing and search engine visibility.
  • Vendor Collaboration:

    • Potential for collaboration with fabric vendors, providing opportunities for exclusive deals and unique product offerings.
  • Domain and Rights:

    • The sale includes the domain name and all associated rights, ensuring a smooth transition and full ownership.
  • Support:

    • As experienced software developers and business builders, we offer 3 to 6 months of tech support to the new business owners to ensure a successful launch and operation.
  • Market Entry Plan:
    • We will share a budget and a detailed marketing plan prepared to enter the market, whether as a new business owner or an existing business.

Additional Information:

Ready for Immediate Launch: The online store is fully completed and ready to be launched immediately.

Scalable and Flexible: The business can be operated from anywhere, offering complete flexibility for the new owner.

Comprehensive Support: As experienced software developers, we will provide 3 to 6 months of tech support to ensure a smooth transition and successful launch.

Window blind and Curtain Calculator: Includes a lifetime access curtain and blind calculator, eliminating ongoing monthly charges.

SEO and Marketing Ready: The store features a beautifully designed, SEO-friendly website ready to attract and convert customers.

Growth Potential: Significant potential for expansion through online marketing, collaborations with fabric vendors, and adding new product lines.

Reason for Selling: We specialise in building businesses from scratch and are offering this store for sale to focus on new projects.

This opportunity is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to enter the home decor market or existing businesses looking to expand their online presence. Contact us for more details!

You have two options:

  1. Rent the Store: Choose a monthly subscription plan.
  2. Buy the Store: Make a one-time purchase at a price of £12,000.


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E-Commerce Calculator

Variable Selection

You can add various customisable options, such as material, size, colour, and additional features, which users can select to tailor their blinds.

Customisation Options

The Curtain and Blind App allows for extensive customisation, ensuring that customers can create curtains that perfectly match their needs and preferences.

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Still have questions?

Please check our FAQ below or reach out to our team for a demo of the software.

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Software FAQ

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time without any penalties.

Yes, we offer a 7-day trial for all plans so you can explore the app's features before making a decision.

Our setup services include:

  • Configuration of your curtain and blind price tables.
  • Preparation and customization of treatments in the application.
  • Creation of vendor profiles.
  • Training on how to upload fabrics.
  • Support with CSV file creation and upload process.
  • Workshop meetings to tailor the app to your specific needs.

Yes, if your ERP system has an open API, we can integrate it with our software.

Yes, our tool is versatile and can be used for generating quotes in various industries, including architecture and design. You can add different types of treatments beyond curtains.

No, the app only works online.

We are working on this functionality at the moment and expect it to be live in early 2025.

E-commerce FAQ

Yes, you can. We also offer a free one-on-one demonstration call to help you understand how to set up and use the app effectively.

Yes, we provide a 7-day trial period to see the app in action.

Yes, you can customise each blind with various options according to your needs.

Yes, you can integrate the plugin to generate workshop information for curtain makers, and manage invoices and orders directly within the app. Our tech support team is available to assist with this integration.

Yes, you can customise the app's colours and certain parts like images. Additional customisations are available at an extra charge to tailor the app to your exact needs.

No, the app currently works only with Shopify stores. However, we can develop a custom solution for other types of stores as an additional service.