7 Reasons to Launch a DIY Online Curtain and Blind Store

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As the digital marketplace continues to expand, many of our clients at InterioApp are exploring the feasibility of launching their own online stores for curtains and blinds. Through daily conversations with both potential leads and existing clients, we’ve gathered a wealth of insights into the motivations and apprehensions surrounding online retail in the window treatment industry. These discussions often center on whether an online store is a worthwhile investment.

Given the mixed responses and the keen interest shown by our clients—ranging from established curtain and blind retailers to mobile decorators and bespoke curtain and blind manufacturers—we believe sharing our firsthand experiences could greatly benefit those still on the fence. To this end, we have compiled 7 compelling reasons why establishing an online curtain and blind store could be a strategic and profitable move, especially if you're considering integrating our DIY calculator for customers to create custom window treatments independently.

Why an Online Store Might Be Your Next Big Win

1. Enhanced Customer Autonomy: Empowering Design and Personalisation

Our DIY curtain and blind calculator not only equips your customers with the ability to design their own curtains and blinds but also enables your leads to first understand the pricing of these treatments. Imagine selecting a fabric priced at 45 pounds per metre, entering the width and drop, and instantly seeing the cost for a single or a pair of curtains. This enriches their shopping experience by offering a hands-on approach, allowing customers to select fabrics, styles, and mechanisms that perfectly fit their décor. Customers can make confident purchasing decisions, knowing exactly what they’re getting.

2. Wider Market Reach: Breaking Boundaries, Expanding Possibilities

Consider a local curtain and blind store in Harlow, UK. Traditionally, their customer base might be limited to the immediate local area, significantly restricting their market reach. However, by establishing an online store, they can effortlessly target potential clients from major cities like London and beyond, even extending to areas within a 200-mile radius. This expansion dramatically increases their potential customer base beyond just Harlow, allowing them to tap into a significantly larger market.

Note: Please do not think about the online store as a tool to target global market! An online store transcends geographical limitations, enabling you to reach a broader audience and capitalise on regions that were previously beyond your physical reach. This strategic move not only enhances your brand’s visibility but also multiplies your sales opportunities, making your business more robust and competitive.


3. Leveraging Your Online Store for Strategic Lead Generation: A Cost-Effective Marketing Hub


Think of your online store as a dynamic lead-generating billboard staffed by a virtual salesperson capable of completing purchases and charging clients from regions beyond your local market. It's not just a point of sale; it's an innovative, brilliant lead generator that allows potential customers to test and try out products, while also directing them to your local store for further engagement.

When you run your online store organically, it's crucial to adopt this mindset, focusing on lead generation and customer engagement rather than solely on direct online sales. This approach reduces traditional advertising costs and overheads like rent and utilities, allowing you to invest more in enhancing your digital infrastructure and improving your website.

By prioritising an organic growth strategy, your online platform becomes a cost-effective tool that not only increases your market presence but also drives customers to your physical store, enriching their shopping experience and boosting your overall business profitability.


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4. Round-the-Clock Sales Operations: Capitalising on 24/7 Availability


Your online store serves as a tireless salesperson, open and available to make transactions at any hour. This 24/7 operational model allows customers from different time zones to shop at their convenience, significantly boosting your sales potential. An always-open store ensures that you never miss out on opportunities to meet customer demands, even outside traditional business hours, enhancing your revenue streams.


5. Insightful Customer Analytics: Harnessing Data for Smarter Business Decisions


Utilize the rich data analytics available through your online platform to understand customer preferences, buying habits, and trends. This invaluable insight allows you to tailor your marketing strategies and product offerings to better meet the needs of your target audience. By making data-driven decisions, you can optimize your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase overall sales efficiency.


6. Eco-Friendly Business Practices: Reducing Carbon Footprint


By minimising the need for physical retail space and utilising digital infrastructure, your online store contributes to sustainable business practices. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also appeals to environmentally conscious consumers, aligning with modern values of sustainability and responsible retailing.


7. Innovative Brand Enhancement: Distinguishing Your Business in a Competitive Market


Your online store is a direct reflection of your brand's commitment to innovation and customer service. Offering a DIY platform positions you as a forward-thinking leader in the window treatment industry. This innovative approach not only sets you apart from competitors but also enhances your reputation as a customer-centric and tech-savvy retailer.

Sharing Our Journey and Insights

At InterioApp, our mission is to support your transition to online retail with robust, user-friendly tools like our bespoke curtain and blind calculator. Whether you are a retailer, decorator, or manufacturer, understanding the specific benefits and challenges of going online can help you make informed decisions. For some, this venture represents a significant opportunity for growth and customer engagement; for others, it may not align with current business models or market conditions.

We invite you to explore how our solutions can enhance your business strategy. Visit us at InterioApp to learn more about our software and how it can empower both you and your customers in the evolving world of window treatments.

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