Curtain Retail Business: Key Focus Areas and Strategies

Curtain Retail Business: Key Focus Areas and Strategies

In the bespoke curtain industry, our primary goal is to deliver exceptional value to our clients by providing high-quality, custom-made curtains. As curtain store owners, it’s essential to focus on the most important aspects of our business to ensure success and customer satisfaction. Here’s a detailed look into our approach and recommendations to optimize your operations and meet your clients' needs effectively.

Understanding the Value of Bespoke Curtains

Bespoke curtains represent a significant investment for customers who seek custom, high-quality products. It's important to align our services with what clients perceive as valuable and worthy of their money. We recently conducted a survey with our clients and launched a campaign to gather insights from random customers. The goal was to understand why they choose bespoke curtains and their preferred purchasing methods—be it local retail stores, designers, or decorators.

Focusing on the Right Goals

Retailer Responsibilities and Relationships

Retailers play a pivotal role in dealing with curtain makers, fabric suppliers, designers, and clients. Our primary goal should be ensuring that our direct clients—businesses that purchase our curtain-making services—are satisfied with our products and services. Here’s how different stakeholders in the value chain operate:

  1. Curtain Makers: Focus on satisfying the business clients who purchase their services, not the end-users directly.
  2. Fabric Suppliers/Vendors: Prioritize the happiness of retailers with their products, irrespective of how the fabric looks in the end-user’s home.
  3. Fitters and Installers: Their performance affects client satisfaction significantly, and any issues can reflect poorly on the retailer.

Key Strategies for Retailers

To succeed, retailers must manage relationships with all these stakeholders effectively. Here are some strategies to improve your business:

  1. Documentation and Legal Agreements:

    • Ensure you have clear terms and conditions, return policies, and other legal documents attached to your quotes.
    • Create precise agreements with installers, fitters, and team members to address potential issues upfront.
  2. Focus on Systems, Not Just Goals:

    • Instead of only aiming for happy clients or specific revenue targets, concentrate on refining the processes that lead to these outcomes.
    • Document and streamline every step, from client acquisition to project completion, to minimize errors and improve efficiency.
  3. Client Interaction and Feedback:

    • Always ask for recommendations, testimonials, or reviews in exchange for discounts. These are valuable assets that can help attract future clients.

Automating and Improving Processes

To help you manage your business more efficiently, consider using specialized software like InterioApp. This curtain and blind management system can:

  • Document all processes.
  • Ensure no leads are missed.
  • Eliminate human errors in quotations.
  • Generate accurate work orders with ease.


Running a successful curtain retail business involves focusing on detailed, process-oriented strategies rather than just end goals. By refining your operations and ensuring strong relationships with all stakeholders, you can enhance client satisfaction and business profitability. Remember, the more complex and challenging the industry, the greater the rewards for those who manage it well.

For more information and support in setting up a robust system, try our software and reach out for assistance.

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    How can I reach someone from the office to get legal documents? I’ve left a request for a demo, but I need the legal documents for the team. I’ve just started in the business, and having these T&Cs would help me a lot. Can please someone reach out to me or email examples at Many thanks.

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