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In the niche industry of window blind and curtains, finding a software solution tailored to your specific needs can be challenging. You have two popular options: either hire a developer—be it a neighbour, friend, family member, or someone from abroad—to create a custom solution, or subscribe to existing software and leverage their knowledge and tools at an affordable price. Smart businesses focus on their core competencies and delegate IT and software tasks to experts. It's like deciding whether to rent or buy an office, or choosing between purchasing an apartment in Paris for a summer holiday or renting one for a week.

If you are reading this article, you are likely interested in learning more about our InterioApp Software plans and which one best suits your business needs. If that's the case, please take 15 minutes to continue reading and find the right plan for you. In return, I promise to spend 30 minutes with you in a one-on-one meeting to explain and demonstrate the application. Deal?

Darius Baltunis interio app software for curtain and blinds

InterioApp offers three distinct plans—Basic, Professional, and Enterprise—specifically tailored for the window blinds and curtains industry. Each plan is designed to streamline your workflow, from creating jobs and orders to managing quotes and invoices. Whether you are a curtain maker, decorator or a retailer running 2-3 local window blind or curtain showrooms/stores, InterioApp has a plan to suit your needs.

Understanding InterioApp Plans

1. Basic Plan - £99 per month

  • Users: 1
  • Features:
    • Curtain and blind quoting system
    • Project management
    • Fabric stock management
    • Calendar
    • Task management
    • Analytics
    • Support

The Basic plan is perfect for independent professionals who need a comprehensive tool to manage their curtain and blind projects. With essential features like project management and a fabric library, decorators and designers can work more productively. They can demonstrate fabrics and quote projects with fabrics selected from a digital library. The library allows you to add suppliers you are working with and create a digital fabric library within the application. The same applies to products, services, window blinds, and curtains. The analytics tool helps you keep track of your performance, ensuring you make data-driven decisions.

🧵Enhance Your Productivity with Additional Features

InterioApp offers several features that make the tool even more productive for daily use:

  1. Email Follow-Ups: When a new order is created in the application, you can set the app to remind you about orders still in draft mode after a few days. You will receive an email about the postponed order, and simply by clicking on the order, you can open it in your app and send an email to your prospect with the click of a button.

  2. Most Popular Fabrics: This feature allows you to see which fabrics are the most popular in your account. It is very helpful for business owners and managers to understand what fabrics their team is using most often.

  3. Copy-Paste for Projects, Rooms, and Window Treatments: This is the most frequently used feature in the app. There is no need to recreate something that has already been created once. Simply click copy and paste, change the client and some details in individual rooms or windows, such as measurements and fabrics, and voilà, the quotation is ready to email.

2. Professional Plan - £179 per month

  • Users: 2
  • Features:
    • All Basic plan features 👆
    • +1 user access
    • Training and workshops

The Professional plan builds on the Basic plan by adding extra user access, as well as training and workshops, helping your team get the most out of the software. This plan is ideal for growing businesses that require additional support and training to optimise their operations. We decided to offer such a plan after discovering that most of our teams consist of either 2 or 6 and more users.

⚡️ Important to know: We often receive questions about sharing access between team members and business owners or managers. This is acceptable. We allow the application to be used on more than one or two devices. However, please note that if multiple users edit an order simultaneously, the changes might not be saved correctly. The data will reflect the last user's saved information. To avoid this issue, we highly recommend using one account per person.

3. Enterprise Plan - £299 per month

  • Users: Unlimited for one branch
  • Features:
    • All Professional plan features 👆
    • Product ordering system
    • Software customisations
    • Branch management

For businesses that own and manage multiple stores or branches, both domestically and internationally, we recommend choosing the Enterprise plan. This plan offers unlimited users for one branch, making it scalable for your growing team. It includes advanced features such as a product ordering system, software customisations, and branch management, ensuring you have complete control over your operations.

This plan is ideal if you have one branch and 5+ team members. Whether you are outsourcing a workshop or working with multiple curtain makers in the city or even in different countries, the application allows you to invite multiple users, assign user types, and add permissions to individual users.

With this specific plan, we offer software customisations. You will be able to tailor the software to your business's needs, providing a solution comparable to those that other businesses invest hundreds of thousands in tailored software solutions, often requiring a dedicated team for management and updates. With our solution, you don't need to worry about anything.

We personally believe that this plan offers the best value for its price and what you receive in exchange.

💡Tip: We have a YouTube channel - InterioApp Academy, where you can see the application and its functionalities in action. We have even created step-by-step guides for new users on how to create your first order, how to set up window blinds and curtains, and many more videos you might find interesting. Please subscribe to our channel! This will encourage us to create more useful content for window blind business owners and newcomers to the market.

Optimise Your Workflow with InterioApp

InterioApp is designed specifically for the window blind and curtain industry. It allows you to create jobs and orders, and within each order, you can add clients, projects, rooms, windows, treatments, services, and hardware. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor each project to meet your clients' unique needs.

Once an order is created, you can seamlessly move to the quote page and then to the work order page, managing the entire process from estimates to invoices. This end-to-end management system simplifies your workflow, making it easy for anyone, even those with no prior industry knowledge, to create quotations efficiently.

Key Features of InterioApp

  • Product Library: Create a comprehensive library of product items, services, and fabrics. This feature ensures that you have all the necessary resources at your fingertips, allowing you to provide detailed and accurate quotations and orders.

  • Order Management: From initial estimates to final invoices, manage your orders effortlessly. The intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it easy to track the progress of each order, ensuring timely and accurate delivery.

  • User-Friendly Interface: InterioApp is designed with ease of use in mind. Its intuitive interface allows users of all skill levels to navigate the software with ease, making it an invaluable tool for your business.

In short, here's what we've covered

InterioApp's tailored plans and comprehensive features make it the perfect solution for businesses in the window blind and curtain industry. Whether you are just starting or looking to scale your operations, InterioApp offers the tools and support you need to succeed.

Basic Plan - This plan is ideal if you are solo in the business, such as a curtain maker, designer, decorator, or someone starting an online business with access to fabrics or the knowledge to make curtains. The curtain industry is highly attractive, and this plan provides all the necessary tools to get you ready for success.

Professional Plan - This plan is recommended for entrepreneurs who need to manage a small team. You can provide access to your sales team in the shop while keeping another access for yourself. Your sales team will use a main email address (e.g., to join the software, allowing everyone to generate quotes on one account. Meanwhile, you will have personal access to manage prices, products, and track orders. It’s an eco-friendly solution for growing businesses.

Enterprise Plan - This plan is designed for larger businesses needing to track each team member’s progress, invite decorators and designers to collaborate on projects, integrate local stores with online stores, access our fabric suppliers' digital library, and even connect with curtain makers.

Setup - When to Choose and When to Skip

When you select your plan and are ready to start your free 7-day trial, please keep in mind that by default, setup services for the software are not included. Here’s how to determine when you should opt for full setup services and when you can skip them:

InterioApp - explanation on the setup fee for the software plan

What We Offer with the Setup Services:

  1. Pricing Tables and Window Treatments: We will create your pricing tables and window treatments in the software.
  2. Product Creation: We will set up your products in the software. Products will be categorised as services, products, and add-ons dedicated to window treatments. For example, tracks and poles can be selected quickly as add-ons in the calculator when creating a curtain, rather than creating a separate product type in the quote.
  3. Fabric Library: We will arrange your fabric library suppliers, create a spreadsheet document, and personally show you how to upload fabrics to the software using a CSV file. If you need extra support with this step, we are here to help.

During the setup process, we will record screen videos to guide you through our progress, show you what we have done, and prepare you for testing. After the testing stage, we will make any necessary fixes until you are ready to start using the software with your team.

video of interioapp services setup

Note: The setup fee will not be charged if you decide the software is not a fit for your business and cancel after the trial. The fee will be collected only after the free trial ends, so it’s safe to try the software with the setup fee selected.

Should You Go with the Setup or Skip It?

91.5% of our clients opt for the setup services. The reason is that we will set up the software and tailor it to your needs within approximately 4 weeks. Consider how long it would take to complete these steps yourself. Imagine having spreadsheets and not knowing how to use them, and then someone personally explains not only how to use them but also tailors each document to your needs. You will use this software for a long time, so it’s worth setting it up completely to fit your business needs.

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