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Curtains Calculator application for window covering industry to help calculate curtains and blinds

Window fashion vision magazine has selected us as one of the nine best solutions in the world for companies working with window coverings.

We are very pleased to have been selected as a solution that helps curtian & blind store staff during sales, interacting with designers or customers and choosing curtains and blinds for their homes.

Currently, very few companies automate the calculation of curtains and blinds, which means that ~ 85% of curtain stores globaly still perform calculations with a hand and simple calculator. We have been in this industry for over ten years and we strongly believe we will be able to contribute to more efficient work and help business’ owners to be more productive in sales process.

Curtains Calculator app

Curtains Calculator is a web application that cuts the curtain calculation process down drastically—often from a few hours to a few minutes. It assists interior designers and sales staff at curtain shops in the decision-making process while quoting, planning and bidding everything from small sales to bigger projects. Features include the ability to quickly create and print offers for customers, do fabric stock control and keep track of customer information with a complete database.

Testimonial from curtain shop owner

“We started using the Curtains Calculator web app in 2017, and we can no longer imagine our daily work without it. One of the main things I love about it is that you can do the most complicated and hardest calculations in just a few minutes. Also, I love the idea that you can add employees and designers (freelancers) into the application to handle orders by themselves. There are analytics so you can see how many orders are still in waiting for a position and how many of the calculations were successfully closed. In the last two years, we have saved almost 5 percent of our annual revenue just from eliminating human error from improper calculations.” —Evelina, owner of Admaja curtain store

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