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Hi there, and welcome to InterioApp blogs for window blind and curtain retailers! If you are selling bespoke curtains and window blinds and searching online for tips and recommendations on how to attract more leads to your online store and convert these leads into happy customers, you are in the right place! I believe you will find something useful and leave this blog post with at least one screenshot or useful tip for your business. I’m going to share some recommendations based on what we have found to be particularly helpful for small window blind businesses in finding new clients.

Small steps can lead to significant results. Often, business owners try to overhaul everything instead of making a single small change, which can yield the desired outcome. Think of it like a lock—sometimes you don’t need to change the entire sequence of numbers; you just need to find that one number, and the lock will open. I can't remember who said that, but I always think about this when I'm struggling with something and can't find the solution I'm searching for.

So, sharing is caring, and as I like to think, the more we give, the more we get in return. If you are new to window blind and curtain online sales, please continue reading this post and you will find some useful tips and recommendations to get more visitors to your site, and if you are new to the e-commerce - your first 10 happy customers.


My name is Darius, and I’m the CEO and founder of InterioApp - a curtain software and window blind e-commerce calculator for curtain and window blind retailers and distributors. If you’re familiar with our software (Curtain and Window Blind Calculator; InterioApp Academy - YouTube Channel; InterioApp Software), you know that our tools were designed to help curtain decorators and retailers to achieve greater financial success.


Darius Baltunis a CEO and a Founder of InterioApp software


Today, I want to show you a couple of strategies that you can implement to see better results in your business. In this post, we will primarily discuss online business strategies that can help you attract new leads and convert these leads into happy clients. So, let's dive into some window blind e-commerce strategies.

Optimise Your Window Blind and Curtain Online Store

I believe you've heard this a lot—optimise your online store to achieve better results. But what does that mean? If you have a website (a beautiful but unfortunately ineffective curtai nand window blind landing page, to put it bluntly), let's break down optimisation with an example involving two people: one very organised (on the right) and the other messy (on the left). Which of these people is likely to be more successful?

interioapp - which of these people are richer?

So, optimisation alone will not directly bring you more clients or help you convert leads into clients. However, what the optimisation of your online store will do is make your site easier and simpler to find on the internet. In other words, it will improve your visibility on Google. With a better chance of being found online, you will see better results if, and only if, your product, service, or content is superior to what your prospects can find elsewhere.

So, what should you focus on next? Your offering, products, services, content, positioning, and everything you want your clients and leads to know about you and your business.

Steps to take for SEO optimisation:

  1. Speed up your site. Compress images and organise the site to be simple and easy to navigate. Avoid excessive banners and massive menus with window blind options if possible. If you are a local business, do not pretend to be a chain store. Simplify navigation to minimum. Speed is not just about loading time, but also about how easily users can navigate your site.

  2. Improve mobile experience. Keep in mind that while purchases or conversions may happen on desktop, potential clients are likely searching for window blind and googling you and your competitors on their mobile phones and tablets.

  3. Write clear and engaging product descriptions. Write these descriptions in the same way you would for your social media, from a personal perspective.

  4. SEO optimisation. Explain every image of your window blind you upload to your store by adding tags and alt text. Use relevant keywords in everything you write, from product descriptions to blog posts. 

 💡Tip: To customise products, you can use Shopify apps like "Frequently Bought Together" or "Personalised Recommendations" to show customers products they might like based on their browsing and purchase history. 

A few weeks ago, we discussed SEO for window blind and curtain retailers and shared a graph illustrating how the funnel looks when you are targeting decorators and designers for your window blind business. You can find a link to the article here: Boost Your Curtain and Blind Business with These Essential Tips.

Finding the Right Keywords

When working with our clients, we always start by identifying their ICP—Ideal Customer Persona. If you are selling window blinds, who are you targeting? What is your primary keyword? Is it "window blinds" or maybe "blackout curtains"? Curtain retailers often make the mistake of positioning themselves like the rest of the market, resulting in the same outcomes. When we start working with our clients, especially when building an online store for curtain retailers, decorators, or curtain makers, we strive to understand their ideal clients better. And only then we start to create their store content, write product descriptions and blog posts. If you want to reach your clients quicker, try to better understand their needs, and talk about what they came for, e.g. window blinds.

Stick with me and I will uncover my blog post's primary keyword I've used to be visible on google when you were searching for informaiton on how to... Stick with me and you will be able to find out what keyword was used in this article. 

Real Case Study: Online Store example

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a project with a client selling not a window blinds but handmade dog beds from curtain fabric leftovers (Please find a link to the project below). To identify the ICP for this project, we asked: Who are the ideal customers who would be willing to spend 200 euros on a dog bed? Together with the client, we created this ICP profile:

  1. Vegetarian
  2. Advocate for environmental rights
  3. Drives an electric car
  4. Adopts dogs from shelters
  5. Dog lover, of course!
  6. Buys second-hand clothes on Vinted
  7. Uses shared car services like CityBee and Wolt

(Please keep in mind that the client was focused solely on buyers in Lithuania. Our market research was conducted in Lithuania.)

When you have a clear picture of your ICP, creating a strategy becomes simple and easy. You can determine:

  1. Where to market your products: Is it better to launch an ad in the biggest shopping mall or to place a cheaper ad near a dog shelter where your ICP is more likely to see it?
  2. What to say about your products: Should you focus on prices and discounts, or should you highlight the importance of eliminating fabric waste and creating dog beds instead?
  3. How to communicate with your ICP: What style and tone resonate with them?
  4. Advertising strategies: Should you run ads on radio stations, or would a banner on an online store like Vinted be more effective?

Understanding your ICP's preferences and behaviours is crucial, and it doesn't matter it's about window blinds or dog beds. For instance, in our dog bed project, we suggested a one-for-one strategy: for every dog bed purchased, one is sent to a local dog shelter. The business didn't use paid ads but quickly gained loyal customers who fell in love with the brand and spread the word online. 👉 Check the dog bed online store. 

Dog bed project by InterioApp

Top 5 Essential Questions to ask when Creating an Ideal Customer Persona

Here are the five most important questions that every window blind and curtain retailers should answer to better understand Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) for their online business:

  1. What are the lifestyle habits and interests of our ideal customers?

    • What are their hobbies, favourite activities, and preferred styles? Do they enjoy home decor, travelling, or spending time with family? If I sell curtain and window blinds, I need to understand what might be of interest for them when we come to window blinds.
  2. What are the online behaviours and preferences of our ideal customers?

    • How much time do they spend online, which social media platforms do they use, and do they prefer online shopping or browsing for inspiration? When the product you are selling isn't something they will Google without a reason, you have to be smarter and appear to your ICP before they even think about window blinds and curtains. But when they do need window blinds, somewhere in their subconscious mind they will know where to search for you. I hope you get the point.
  3. What type of homes do our ideal customers live in?

    • Do they live in apartments, houses, or shared accommodations? Are they homeowners or renters? Do they prefer modern, traditional, or eclectic home styles? If you know your clients are men and you want to interest them in window blinds and curtains, the easiest way is to talk about motorised blinds. Show how smart blinds can make their lives easier, how simple it is to automate their homes, and maybe even connect their Christmas tree lights with their window blinds. Be smart and discuss what your ICP is interested in. Conversely, if you talk about motorised window blinds to someone who is scared of technology and innovation, you will never get their attention. In this case, it's best to talk about simplicity, modern home window blinds, and easy installation.
  4. What are the key factors that influence our ideal customers' purchasing decisions?

    • Are they motivated by quality, price, brand reputation, or customer service? Do they look for eco-friendly products or prefer certain fabrics and modern window blinds designs?
  5. What life stages and events are our ideal customers experiencing?

    • Are they newlyweds, new homeowners, parents, or retirees? Are they renovating, moving, or simply updating their home decor?

These questions will help you identify and understand your ideal customers, create a clear picture of your ICP, and develop a strategy to target this ICP most effectively. These are just 5% of all the necessary steps you need to take on this journey, but if you do this correctly, you can achieve a very high ranking position when someone searches for window blinds or curtains. You will start seeing results in 3-5 months.

My Blog Post Primary Keyword is...

If you remember, I said I would reveal the primary keyword I used in my blog post to be SEO-friendly. If you read my post carefully, you might have noticed that I repeatedly used the keyword "window blinds." Sometimes, I even included it in sentences where it didn’t quite fit. To clarify, the primary keyword "window blinds" should be used in the blog post at least 2-3% of the time. It sounds insane, but that’s the price you have to pay to be SEO-friendly and see results with every single post you write.

However, if you start overusing "window blinds" in every single sentence (e.g. window blinds about window blinds with window blinds for window blinds), you will lose your readers' attention. If someone clicks on your post and finds it repetitive, they will leave the page quickly, leading to a high bounce rate and no results. So, focus on creating quality and interesting content about window blinds, curtains, or anything your audience is interested in. This way, you will attract the right leads who will eventually convert into happy customers!


Tip: Google and other search engines rank your page higher if its content (your product description) has a keyword phrase written into it several times, so that the keywords make up 2 or 3% of the total content.


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