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Explore how InterioApp empowers new decorators and distributors to succeed in the growing home decor market. With hands-on training, advanced tools, and a rich fabric library, start your journey towards a thriving business today.

Turning Passion into Profession: The InterioApp Initiative

Step into Your Future: Building a Business in Home Decor

Welcome to the exciting world of home decor, where creativity and innovation merge beautifully. InterioApp, together with the renowned fabric distributor Angely-Paris, is on a mission to empower aspiring decorators. Our goal? To make the art of window dressing—be it curtains or blinds—an attainable skill for all. This unique partnership isn't just about training; it's about creating a full-fledged support system that transforms enthusiasts into experts in soft furnishings.

"The main hurdle for newcomers in the decor industry is often the perceived complexity of window treatments—from the calculations involved to the nuances of pricing and the vast product knowledge required. Despite these challenges, we see a world of opportunity. Our aim was to develop a tool that not only simplifies these processes but also opens up a treasure trove of resources, like our digital library filled with countless fabric options. We're here to ensure a rewarding career path in this promising field," says Mr. P. Richard Callice.

Richard Callice a CEO of company Angely-Paris and a distributor of Romo Group fabrics in France
Richard's initiative during Paris Deco Off provided an excellent opportunity to connect with thousands of new decorators. This engagement was crucial in understanding their challenges and needs within the market. For an in-depth look at this event, our article on Paris Deco Off 2024: A Fusion of Artistry and Innovation in Interior Design offers more insights.

In this article, we dive into the heart of the InterioApp Academy, showcasing how we're helping budding decorators flourish. We'll introduce our collaboration with Angely-Paris and detail our comprehensive training program designed to elevate new talents in soft furnishings. Get ready to be inspired by success stories and learn exactly how to start your own journey in the vibrant world of home decor.

From Challenges to Innovation: The InterioApp Story

A Personal Journey from the CEO of InterioApp

"As the CEO of InterioApp, my journey into the world of home decor began over a decade ago, rooted in a curtain and interior store." - says Darius Baltunis. The everyday challenge of providing timely and accurate quotes to our enthusiastic customers revealed a glaring gap in the market. The process of sifting through hundreds of fabric samples, discussing options, and then the anticlimactic "we'll get back to you with a quote" was far from ideal. It was a moment of realisation; we were potentially letting eager customers walk out the door without a deal, simply because we couldn't provide immediate answers.

Darius Baltunis the CEO and Founder of InterioApp - Software for Curtain and blind retailers

This challenge sparked a quest for a solution, leading to the birth of what we initially called the "Curtains Calculator." This tool was a game-changer for our business, enabling us to provide instant estimates, thereby significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and conversion rates. The impact was immediate and profound – our growth skyrocketed, with a 100% increase in the first year and an astonishing 200% in the following year. This success caught the attention of our European vendors, who were curious about our rapid growth and the strategies behind it.

Our story of innovation and growth didn't stop there. In 2019, armed with our experiences and the transformative tool we had developed, we ventured to Heimtextil, the international trade fair for home and contract textiles, to conduct pilot research and gauge interest from other retailers. The response was overwhelmingly positive, confirming the demand and potential impact of our solution on a larger scale.

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InterioApp (Curtains Calculator) team in Heimtextil exposition in Frankfurt
Image of InterioApp team in the Heimtextil exposition

This journey from a single store's challenge to creating a transformative tool underscores why we are so passionate about InterioApp. It's not just about curtains and blinds; it's about empowering retailers and decorators with the tools to make informed decisions, close deals efficiently, and ultimately grow their businesses. Our commitment to innovation and support for the home decor community drives us to continually improve and expand our offerings, ensuring that InterioApp remains at the forefront of the industry.


Bridging Gaps: The Genesis of Our Collaboration with Angely-Paris

Unlocking Creativity: Simplifying the Complex World of Window Treatments

Meeting Richard and the Angely-Paris team was a pivotal moment for us at InterioApp. We were already aware of the challenges budding interior designers and decorators faced, particularly when it came to window treatments—a sector many found daunting. The complexities involved, from calculating fabric requirements to understanding terms like fullness, headings, linings, and the intricacies of custom designs, often led professionals to shy away from offering these services themselves. This not only limited their creative potential but also their business opportunities.

Our conversations with industry peers and educators highlighted a common narrative: the window covering industry, with its myriad technicalities, was intimidating for newcomers. This was a challenge we were already addressing through InterioApp, providing a streamlined solution that reduced the quoting process from hours to mere minutes. Our tool empowered users to navigate the complexities of custom window treatments with ease, ensuring accurate pricing and efficient project management.

Collaboration Inspired by Shared Vision

When Richard Callice shared his vision of nurturing new talent in the niche market of window treatments, it deeply resonated with our mission at InterioApp. He highlighted the untapped potential within the industry and pointed out the urgent need for a new generation of skilled professionals. This need is particularly pressing in markets like Australia, where there's a growing demand for window treatments but a noticeable scarcity of skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable sales personnel. This gap is largely due to a generational shift, with much of the existing expertise concentrated among individuals nearing retirement.

This shared understanding between Richard and InterioApp paved the way for our collaborative program aimed at empowering decorators. By merging Angely-Paris's expertise in fabric distribution with the technological innovations of InterioApp, we embarked on creating a comprehensive training initiative. Our objective is clear: to equip aspiring decorators with the necessary knowledge, tools, and confidence to navigate and excel in the world of window treatments. We aim to transform perceived challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.

This collaboration is more than just a training program; it's a commitment to revitalising an industry by empowering the next generation of decorators and designers, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of the market with creativity and confidence.

Adding this subtitle breaks up the text, providing a clear transition while highlighting a key aspect of your program—making complex tasks more accessible and fostering creativity among new decorators.

Decorator Earnings Case Study: Studio Apartment Window Treatments

Project Overview: This case study outlines the earnings potential for decorators installing custom voiles and curtains in a Parisian studio apartment, highlighting fabric costs, manufacturing expenses, and the application of a 90% margin to determine retail pricing.

Window Treatment Details

Location: Studio apartment in Paris

Requirements: Single voiles for each window; one pair of lined curtains for the bedroom and one pair of unlined curtains for the living room

Fabric Prices: Voiles at €25 per linear meter, Curtain fabric at €57 per meter, Lining at €7 per meter

Fabric Width: 140cm for curtains

Fullness: 2.3 times for curtains, ensuring ample fabric for a luxurious look and additional creations from leftovers

Cost and Margin Details

  • Voiles Cost per Linear Meter: €25
  • Unlined Curtains Cost per Drop: €25
  • Lined Curtains Cost per Drop: €30
  • Decorator Margin: A 90% margin is applied to the total cost to set the retail price, reflecting the value added through design, customization, and service.


Note: The fabric requirements and manufacturing costs are calculated per window, with each window requiring one single voile and one pair of curtains (two drops).

Fabric Requirements and Costs

Curtain Fabric Needed: 22 meters total for 8 drops, calculated with 2.3x fullness. Each drop requires 2.76 meters (200cm width x 2.3 fullness / 140cm fabric width).

Voile Fabric Needed: 10 meters total for 4 windows, with 2.5 meters per window.

Total Fabric Cost for Curtains: 22 meters x €57 = €1,254

Total Fabric Cost for Voiles: 10 meters x €25 = €250

Total Lining Cost for Curtains: 22 meters x €7 = €154

Manufacturing Costs

Manufacturing Cost for 8 Curtain Drops: 8 drops x €30 = €240

Manufacturing Cost for Voiles: 10 meters x €20 = €200

Total Manufacturing Cost: €440

Retail Pricing and Decorator Earnings

Total Cost (Fabric + Manufacturing): €1,254 (Curtains) + €250 (Voiles) + €154 (Lining) + €440 (Manufacturing) = €2,098

Total Retail Price (Including 90% Margin): €2,098 + (€2,098 x 90%) = €3,986.20

Decorator's Earnings: Retail Price - Total Cost = €3,986.20 - €2,098 = €1,888.20

Maximizing Profit with Fabric Leftovers

Leftover fabric from the calculated fullness offers an opportunity to create additional items, such as cushions, further increasing the decorator's revenue and providing added value to clients.


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InterioApp Software to Quote and Manage Curtain and Blind Projects
InterioApp Software For Curtain And Blind Quotations

Join Our Exclusive Group of Aspiring Decorators

We're excited to announce the formation of our inaugural group of decorators, with limited spots available to ensure personalized support and resources. If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey with us, here are the steps to get started:

  1. Sign Up for Our Program: Secure your spot by registering for our comprehensive decorator program. Don't miss this chance to be part of an exclusive group.
  2. Attend the Introduction Meeting: Join us for an introductory session where we'll outline the program details, your potential growth path, and how our resources can empower you.
  3. Gain Full Access: Upon completing the introduction, you'll unlock access to our extensive training modules, cutting-edge software, expansive digital library, and a curated selection of physical fabric samples.

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your career in home decor. We're here to support you every step of the way.


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