How to start in soft furnishing and curtain business. Soft furnishing calculator to calculate window covering curtains and blinds

Are you an aspiring artist, who wishes to show their creations to the world independently by starting their own curtain and blind business?

Or perhaps you’re already an excisting small business owner in soft furnishings, upholstery, or interior design, and are considering starting selling curtain and blind?

Well, look no further – this will be your start up guide on how to enter the curtain business, and be as successful as you can be! We’ll share our knowledge that we gathered over a decade of experience, so stick around!

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Still unsure? That’s completely understandable. A healthy dose of skepticism is wise, and we respect that. Feel free to continue reading the rest of our article.

Figure Out How to Calculate Orders


This will be the cornerstone of starting your curtain business. Curtain calculation (quotation) process is not as easy as it might seem. For a person, who never had to deal with it, and encountered it every single day might seem like a piece of cake. Well here’s my question – you know how a bicycle works, right? You probably know how to ride it as well. It’s one of the most perfect inventions of humankind, that is so simple, yet perfect, that almost hasn’t been upgraded since forever, is it not? But could you build a bicycle right now, by yourself, from scratch? I sure couldn’t. Same thing with curtains. Look up some tutorials, or read our article where we display a real case with all the prices for the project in Paris (Link to the article) and you’ll see it isn’t as easy as it seems. So if you wish to enter the curtain and blind business, make sure you got this thing down first!


E-commerce curtain and blind calculator for the online stores | InterioApp

A link to the article: “e-commerce blind and curtain calculator for the online store owners"


Nose Around - Check Out Your Competition


The curtain business, with its myriad of details and variables, may seem overwhelming at first glance. Indeed, the industry is replete with nuances, from the diversity of fabrics to the precision of measurements and installations. This complexity, however, is not without its rewards. It's these very intricacies that can lead to higher profit margins for those who master them.

In any given area, including yours, there might be a multitude of curtain enterprises. Before embarking on your own venture, take the time to explore and analyze these existing businesses. Pay attention to what sets each apart, what they excel at, and where there might be gaps in their offerings or service. This reconnaissance is not about imitation but inspiration and differentiation.

What unique value can your curtain business provide? Perhaps it's an unparalleled level of expertise, innovative design solutions, or exceptional customer service that turns a routine consultation into a memorable experience. The aim is to identify a niche or value proposition that resonates with your target market, setting the foundation for a successful and profitable curtain business.

Please know more about the Online market. Since 2021 this market is growing rapidly and might be somehting where your competitors doesn’t stepet in and where you can grab a rimarkable piece of cake of this market. Read more about the benefits and prices of the online market.


The competitor of your competitor is your ally


Networking: Your Strategic Advantage in the Curtain Business

In the world of business, especially when launching a curtain venture, building a strong network is invaluable. Establishing connections with seasoned professionals can provide you with insights and guidance that are hard to find elsewhere.

However, it's important to be strategic about where you seek these alliances. Your direct competitors, particularly those in close proximity, are unlikely to share their secrets or offer support. On the other hand, curtain businesses in distant cities or different regions can be potent allies. These companies are not direct competitors, so they may be more open to forming mutually beneficial relationships.

Consider reaching out to them with a proposal for collaboration, offering something of value in return for their wisdom. This could involve sharing market trends, insights on managing curtain orders, or techniques for drafting precise tailoring blueprints. Such alliances not only broaden your knowledge base but also strengthen your position in the industry through shared expertise.

To wrap it up: to start your curtain business, or any business at all – you need to have friends. Having contacts of people who have been doing this for a long time is very useful. Now, obviously, don’t look for alliances in your neighborhood. Your competitors will be of no interest to help you, for obvious reasons. However, curtain salons in other cities or regions of your country is not your competition. Make friends with them, offering alliance and unity in exchange for valuable information, like how to calculate curtain orders, and prepare the tailoring blueprints.


Demand for good supply

Now, you can’t start your curtain business without fabrics and other raw materials. Find good fabric suppliers, that will provide you with fancy fabrics that will make you stick out of the competition. On top of that, suppliers have many tips and tricks on how to run a curtain business as well. They’re very interested in collaborating with you, and they’re invested in your success, because if you succeed – they succeed as well. So don’t be scared to ask for pointers!


Hey, maybe you’re a supplier yourself?

 One of the functions of InterioApp is it helps curtain, blind and soft furnishing designers to keep track of their stock, and communicate with suppliers automatically, when they need replenishments.

 So if you’re a stock supplier for curtain and blind salons, and/or soft furnishing - let us know. Let’s get in touch!

 And now, let’s continue with the article !


Find a Workroom

When starting your curtain business, it’s advised to have your curtains tailored by an outsourced company. Having your own tailoring shop has its upsides, however, outsourcing it is more cost efficiently, and it is also best to leave it to the professionals. However, keep in mind, that the outsourcing shops will be used by your competitors as well. Therefore, it is wise to bring your sewing blueprints on separate sheet from the price calculation sheets, in order to avoid unnecessary spread of information regarding your revenue.


Automate your work process

We kind of told you that in the beginning already. In order to enter the curtain business industry, InterioApp is probably going to be your best solution. You won’t need to learn how to calculate curtains. Calculations are simplified to a point, where you’ll only have to enter the measurements, and the fabric price, and all work is done for you. Your customer receives an invoice, your tailoring department receives a separate blueprint, your stock control receives an update, and your supplier receives a notification, if you’re running short, and you receive all the benefits of a tool that differentiates you from your competition, because 90% of the industry still use pen and paper for their calculations!



Did we aroused your curiosity? Calculating even the simplest curtains order on paper takes hours of your time. We could have done it before you even finished reading this article. Don’t believe us? Sign up here for a free demo call, and we’ll prove it to you!

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